bush and blair

My mate Bowers has been up to no good again, this time using his newly aquired animation skills to provide us with a seering indictment of current Anglo-American relations. He scares me.


  1. I’ve met bowers, and am perfectly happy
    to tell the CIA everything I know about him
    for money, and a place in the witness
    protection program….suuuuweeee!!

  2. I knew our Great Leader Tiny Bliar wis a gay guy.

  3. At last someone with a complete grasp of American overseas policy, Anglo-American relations, and the habits of Southern American white trash ( in this case rich) all in one throw. No wonder we all cliam to be Canadian overseas. Well Done.

  4. How much did Al-Queada pay you? Have you forgotten 911? I guess you’d rather Saddam Hussien was in power? If Gore was president 20 planes would have hit buildings in America and he would have surrendered to France after wetting himself.

    God Bless GWB and his great country!!

    Bush Cheney 2004, 2008, 2012 #1 #1 #1 #1 #1

  5. i bet your a big revco fan………………..

    Blair must have a really tiny and delicate asshole
    to scream that way with Dubya’s pencil-size dick
    in his rectum…

  7. You people are pitiful and I feel sorry for you. You are obviously a tool of the hate filled democratic party.

  8. brilliant

    like they say blame our gov not the people

    stu UK

  9. you are outrageous. thanks . . .

  10. what a masterpiece , thanks ……..Jacko UK

  11. Oscarma din Baden-Powell

    I am confused. I am so overwhelmed by the positive feeling towards Mr. Blair and his special relationship with Mr. Bush. I greet the creative genius behind the graphical renditions on this site. I must put up another tent now. My wife kept bees in the living room.

  12. Whoa….I always wondered why they were always so up each other’s….I’m curious if they use Exxon as a lubricant.

  13. Ah-ha-ha, its so true!

  14. Ian from Liverpool

    Funny. Very good flash and accurate.

  15. What better way to get under the skin of the religious fanatics and red-necks who support our Douche-Bag of a president than by putting him in a (brilliant) gay video. This can be part of Dubya’s presidential library when he gets out of office this January.

  16. u are a great man and stupid. u are choor.
    LOVE ………………………………..

  17. Our great leader has no right to be demeaned by you yank trash. Our public schools taught you ignorant lot, and the rest of the world how to punch bumholes. DON’T YOU FORGET IT!

    Great website, LUV IT!

  18. great website!!!! I love how you captured the empty, retarded look that somhow manages to cross bush’s face whenever he is asked anything, ever. No, you I wouldn’t be surprised if he really did get in the ass…from cheney or rumsfeld!

    KEEP IT UP! 6 more months and he is as good as gone!!!!!

  19. really would have liked to see this clip uncensored!


    keep it up!

  20. You give gays a bad name by presenting Gerogie Boy and Tony Babe in such a skit.

  21. looks great but cant understand a word they say. audio too fuzzy, needs to be cleaned up

    fecking great.

    fecking great.

  24. Hahahah,
    I only wish THEY could see what we can!!
    Thanks for bringing a spot of humor to a very tragic and shaming situation for all english speaking people.
    By the way how did that old fart the australian prime minister get away with not bending over for Georgie on camera?
    He loves to be included as he thinks he is Georgie’s best friend, a case of “johnny no mates” as no australian with more than two neurons can stand the guy, and what he says and does is completely against what the australian people want.

  25. George Bush is doing a good job, kill all those fucking terroists and continue fighting for our freedom. Make no mistake the war will go on until there is peace in the middle east. Keep up the good work GWB I am standing behind you 100% and screw all you haters who do not know shit about fighting for freedom.

  26. How true is that !!!!!!!!!!!


  28. Anthony of Anthonia

    jesus tapdancing christ, that was by far the funniest thing i’ve seen in the last 26 days. good thing i keep a tank of oxygen to hand. good old nitrogen-enriched oxygen.

  29. Too funny. I figured this all along….Laura is just a Stepford robot anyway that W puts in the closet for the un-days.

  30. I hate bush as much as the next intelligent person, but there’s good taste, and bad taste and that was very bad taste.
    Keep trying though.

  31. Man there’s a bunch of whingers on this page, but that’s free speech. While I am a very strong supporter of President Bush and Prime Minister Blair, I think this was hilarious, and well put together! If you can’t make fun of politicians, then who the hell CAN you make fun of? Yes it’s a time of war whether Bush-haters want to admit or not, but come on people……this is funny! PERIOD!!!

  32. One mans terorist is another mans freedomfighter

  33. I wonder if Ned has nightmares of GWB lusting afta his cornhole? Meanwhile Dumnal has our beloved America squeeling such as a swine. God save the Queens of western values.

  34. Shame on you. This garbage is despicable.

  35. FUCK BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FUCK BLAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  38. Aren’t you afraid of what will happen to you to do this kind of things. Just to post a message that I dont like bush, I got a knock on the door from the FBI. They let me go, but they send me a message that things like that are forbidden in USA. Of course I live in america, maybe you live someplace else. BTW, I really enjoy it. Keep up with the good work, that’s all I can say. Big brother is watching.

  39. Dear Blogjammers,

    Here is the full story – but for God’s sakes do not visit this site from home – use an internet cafe only……..dark forces at work

    http://www.geee.net >blog

  40. “Vehrry interesting — but shtupid.” – Artie Johnston

  41. a pair of dix–you lose.