pork pies

The Flash™ course I’ve been taking finally finishes tomorrow, with a show and tell evening where the projects we’ve been working on are seen by the entire class and graded by the tutor. I’ve made two things – the first being the A to Z of animals extravaganza I unleashed a couple of weeks back – but the second is the one I’m really looking forward to sharing. It’s a tribute to Pork Pies.

I like Pork Pies.


  1. I was a vegetarian, but I give it all up after your Pork Pie Tribute film.

  2. now i’m craving one and there’s none in the house.

  3. Blimey!

    That’a ace that is. My gran used to make homemade PP’s and we used to get to fill them with jelly stuff. Don’t remember her telling us that they had pigs in them.

    My mums nickname is ‘Porky’ – Fact!

  4. No more 5 comments ;) but 6 now! :)

  5. I can make a mean pork pie, but I always struggle with the jelly, does a pork pie have to have jelly ? Or in this modern age can we freely produce a drier, jelly free minced pig/pastry product ?

  6. Personally, I think that the jelly is a vital ingrediant, both textually and taste-wise. It’d be like producing a wedding cake with no icing.

  7. Pork Pie Lovers of Newcastle

    A work of genius

    • im in wyoming i work in nursing home have a person from lactier could you send me ideas or were i can buy him foods like pork pies to make him less home sick

  8. Pork Pie Lovers of Newcastle

    After the hideous outcome of US elections this week we’ve found it had to feel good about anything, fortunately pork pies and prokofiev can still raise a smile

  9. THE CONSPIRACY THEORY IS COMING!!!! UNLESS EVERYONE LISTENS U R ALL GONNA DIE!!! the pork pies are kool tho. not evil at all.

  10. Each time I return to the UK the first food I buy is a pork pie. Your video tribute will soon have me on a plane home if nobody can tell me where to buy a pork pie over here in Singapore.

  11. love the video.. Come back Stuart Booth best Pie -Maker in GB hope health is improving….we need you… lots of dross on the market…need crsftsmen again.

  12. Not so much a comment as a request for the pork pie recipe. Thanks in advance.

  13. Laughed my asss of never seen anything so hilariously funny and i will probably watch it again and agian and again with about as much excitment as the meat products in them pies

  14. Great stuff guys, can we get a porkpie club t-shirt xxs size for me!

  15. Took a friend sea fishing (a known “honker”) He held onto the lager and sandwiches he had eaten quite well,sitting in the rear of my boat and looking really green.So I opened up my large pork pie,took out a big piece of shimmering jelantine,called his name (steve) softly, and swallowed! His sick came out like a broom handle, long and straight,it hit the water with an almighty slap, he was fine after that. BRILLIANT are pork pies, I never go to sea without one, and I cant be without jelantine.

  16. that is the best thing i have ever seen in my life. the little pig heads are amazing. absolute genius

  17. As a eater of Vale of Mowbray pies for 66 years or more .
    There is one thing better than a mowbray Pork Pie,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.
    TWO Mowbray Pork Pies. Im Not Gready I just like a lot.

  18. you knob heads

  19. *Moans* It’s impossible to get a decent pork pie in New Zealand.

  20. Came across Stuart’s great work having seem the article in the Times today about Pork Pie Wedding Cakes. I trust he is well again – anyone know?

  21. I wish someone could tell me where I can buy a pork pie in the US. I like it here but I’d love it if I could find pork pies.

  22. What an amazing tribute to the true ambrosia. Where can I get a Captain Pork Pie costume from – I really would like one.

  23. bonjour fellow pie eaters and thankyou for this fab website until know we thought we were the only pie appriciators – some would say its pietastic!

  24. LMFAO! That made me laugh for the first time in like, 2 days! Well done, i’m a miserable sod, hence hard to please, but that did it! *claps* Although, pork pie is pretty disgusting…….

  25. Cool video I love pork pies!

  26. i love a bit of meat! you can fill my pie in any time where can i get a pork pie hat? we are sitting in business with no pork pie and are very unhappy and hungry

  27. o i luv pork pie mi it brill i am t pork pie man

  28. send us a pork pie

  29. loved the video ,made me so hungry for a pie , have tried baking my own with limited success . none available here in the Florida Keys , Tough for an old yorkie. thanks .

  30. Thank you for a wonderful insite into the “Pork Pie” I think that we need to set up a new religion

  31. dont really know where to start. that stuff is completely random. I think you people should leave your house more, and eat less pork pies.


  32. Now that’s a top wedding cake on the BBC link.

    Message for Alex in NZ. I think you can now, have a look at http://www.fppc.co.nz.

  33. We make proper Lincolnshir pork pies. Our customers say the are the best they have ever tasted since they left UK. They can be bought at Wakefield butchers near Nelson.

  34. what a great little vidio ,just loved the pigs and the costumes still lol !!but it made me hungry for the pies that are waiting for there jelly mmm cant wait ,have to make my own as still havent found one thats up to your great standards and taste yum

  35. im in wyoming [gosford] nsw im seeking a pie shop for an elderly person whom is very home sick
    was told about pork pies he is from lincolnshir if any one has any thing they can help me with id be very honerd and thank you ever so much

  36. can you freeze pork pies and stan pies

  37. Brilliant, I am hoping to make a really
    good pork pie for my husband in the new year. Will definetly be back to your site