It’s not often that I ask you, the loyal blogjam reader, for anything, but I’m asking now. Anyone searching for the word c*nt on google is currently presented with a variety of results, including an entry from blogjam – cunt – in the top ten. I’d very much like this to continue, and would heartily recommend that everyone use the word c*nt on their own websites, linking to this page when they do so. This will influence google’s page rank algorithm and get Damon back where he deserves to be, at number one. A bit like this : cunt.

Let’s do it together. Go to work, blogjam minions. I believe in you.


  1. Your website now appears at no 1 on the current affairs heading for



  2. Excellent stuff. That’s a great start.

  3. What have you got agaisnt the Cunt Colouring Book?

  4. Nothing at all – it’s a fine, educational volume. But I want my moment in history.

  5. Damon Albarn is a cunt! Damon Albarn is a cunt! Damon Albarn is a cunt! Damon Albarn is a cunt! Damon Albarn is a cunt!Damon Albarn is a cunt! Damon Albarn is a cunt! Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt, Damon Albarn is a cunt!

  6. Damon Albarn is, indeed, a fucking cunt. fucking cunt.fucking cunt.fucking cunt.fucking cunt.fucking cunt.

  7. You’re all a bunch of cunts. I make you all dance with ‘Parklife’ and then you do this to me. bastards.

    Woo fucking hoo. I feel heavy metal.

  8. Do excuse me Mr Albarn, but I believe the correct collective noun for cunts is a ‘set’.

    Yours, (with a view to the correct use of English)

  9. It is actually a ‘bunch’ of cunts.

  10. Added to FuckSocks, has a high PR so hope it helps!

  11. Well I have done my bit with a very minimal page with a link. I see that so far the site is no.5 on the list of results for cunt on Google. Lets see it at no1 soon…….

  12. zip zip technique

    No. 2 and rising, nearly there you little ripper

  13. RE: Earlier comment – the correct collective name for cunts is a ‘mound’.

    e.g Simon Cowell, Neil Fox, every Big Brother contestant ever and Damon Albarn are a mound of cunts.


  14. Oxford English Dictionary:
    Cunt(n); Saxon word for Sheath or Scabbard,
    Common vernacular for female genitalia (vulg.)
    Albarn (Damon) (20th cent. pop.mediocrity)
    Collective noun: Set ie. “You bollock-brained set of cunts, how much time do you set of cunts have to waste on this type of shyte”

  15. three of my websites are now running it, as well as a few mates ones, anything to help

  16. Yay! Thanks. Terrific stuff.

  17. Added to my website, still at No.2, but theres time yet.
    Good Luck with such a fine venture

  18. “set” of cunts
    “mound” of twats
    “bunch” of fanny’s
    “peck” of pissflaps
    “bundle” of labia
    “pot” of clitorii
    “bucket” of minges
    “rally” of beetle bonnets Be Told! for fucks sake!!!!!!!!!

  19. damon albarn isn’t really that much of a cunt but I’m prepared to play along in the name of scientific investigation

  20. You shall know be by MONK!

    I like Damon Albarn, I tell you who ye be cuntish of like, VERNON KAY! now that be proper cunting like.

  21. bullshit_and_onions

    dont forget the cunt-king jamie cunting oliver

  22. Dude, you’re like, totally, like, 4th already man. That’s really killer. Man, those Google guys must be stoners for not filtering cunt. What are they smoking? It’s the like the only bad swear word left.

  23. By George you’ve cunting well done it! Well done!

  24. arise Sir Fraser, Lord of the Cunts.

  25. This is good, but we must not rest, contented with what we have already accomplished, however encouraging that may be. The most important of all our tasks is to train up the generation which shall succeed us.

    And so on.

  26. Actually it’s a

    “snatch” of cunts

  27. Your now number 1! Congrats!

  28. woohoo number 1. Alburn maybe a cunt, but so are you for fucking with google. I will now make it my mission to get you removed from google entirely, hurrah

  29. added to me site…..:D

  30. I thought it was a “handful” of cunts. Oh well

  31. I genuinely don’t see what’s wrong with Damon Albarn.

  32. Yeah you wankers, there’s nothing wrong with good ol’ Damon. Leave the guy alone.

  33. I actually searched fo Vernon Kay is a cunt on google… I really hate him… and this site came up… was just looking to see if anyone else felt the same…

  34. What a brilliant idea! Nice bomb guys!

  35. Does Albram live in Cornwall? I only ask as we are filling up with Cunts, and only yesterday I said to my dear wife, Looky yonder! there go’s the king of the cunts Albram.

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  37. Google Sucks Big time. They never rank pages on bases of relevancy, want proof? go to google and search for “click here” without quotes, you will get adobe site page on top position, and click here word is not in the whole page, so GOOGLE SUCKS BIG TIME, FUCKING CUNT.

    they are spamming the fucking internet with the so called adsense fucking cunnt,
    On every website there is a fucking ad of Google.

  38. Whaooo!

    oooh, look at me, I’m a google cunt, and you’re all a bunch of cunts, we are all cunts, I’ve got my finger up a big wet smelly hairy cunt ( our CFO ) and there are a bunch of cunts here I haven’t fucked yet – fuck them, they are all cunts!

    why are you cunts here reading about my cunt, and my cunts I fuck, you miserable cunts!

    You cunts!

    Google ( we are a bunch of cunts! )

  39. oh, fuck, another cunt walked past my google cubicle ( it’s small, dark, damp, it reminds me of a cunt ) and I am sure more cunts will walk past me again soon.

    why are all these cunts here, they are cunts, and cunts work here, I hate cunts, I hate being a cunt, and I hate working for cunts, my boss is a cunt, his boss is a cunt, his boss has a cunt, and her boss is a cunt too.

    no wonder we are all so screwed, so fucked, surrounded by so many cunts, I hate working here at google, I hate cunts, I hate hating cunts, and I hate cunts who hate cunts, and I fucking hate you, you stupid fucking cunt!

    fuck this, you’re just a bunch of cunts.


  40. I really don’t like the use of the word cunt as an insult, or in any negative way at all. Cunt is the proper olde english word for a woman’s genitals, and a wonderful sexy word it is too.

    I realise that I am in a very small minority, but would politely suggest that Damon is in fact alright and maybe a much more suitable target for a googlecuntbomb would now be Amir Massoud Tofangsazan?

  41. You Bunch of Cunts

  42. An absolute cunt of an offer available on ! cleans cunts like a cunt! yours sincerley barry scott

  43. you’re a fat cunt!!!! I love the word CUNT…I have never seen the word cunt used so much… many people here hate CUnts..i know a cunt…he is right next to me…..CUNT!!!!

  44. you guys are all a bunch of cunts. Or is that a bevy of cunts? Man i only came across this site because i was looking for the collective noun for cunts. There is some disagreement among the interweb community.

  45. Rita Darlene Walker

    Damon is not a cunt. He looks too good to be a cunt.

  46. Lets begin a story about cunts shall we not. We all love cunts. Cunts are great thingies- Lets sing, and make a song … I’ll start … ” OH CUNT! DO you feel my cunt love bouffing from inside? Eh? Cunt smell … ” and a 1 . 2 . 3 .4 :

  47. you can suck my32 3hautt3ky 3ba,,3slladc;3#]3#

  48. In Australia the collective noun for cunts is “pack”.

    “What a pack of cunts!”

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