new additions

I’ve introduced two minor enhancements to blogjam today. The first is for those of you (Claudia in Turin, Italy) who’ve written into complain about the fresh new zesty lemon look. From today two further choices of jam are available, lime and cherry. I hope that at least one of those fine fruity selections is suitable for your browsing needs.

Update: I’ve added two more flavours of jam, strawberry and pork pie.

OK. I realize that pork pie is not a flavour of jam found in most supermarkets, but if it were, I’d be buying in bulk. So just let this one go.

The second new feature is a far more geeky affair, a section devoted to blogjam related statistics. These relate just to the weblog, not to the entire site, and apart from the usual bumpf (number of posts, number of comments etc), regular commenters can also track their own commenting history. Three things that immediately become apparent are the following:

And there you have it.


  1. Help me Obi Wan Kenboi – it’s not loading the style sheets!

  2. Oh dear. Are you seeing the deault style?

  3. Yeah not working for me either – got some text version of blogjam (come on #19!!!!!)

  4. Bug in stats! Bug in stats!

    My comments have been lumped in with all the other comments by people called mike (or even Mike)… thus pushing us too far up your chart. Shouldn’t it look at e-mail and/or URL as well?

  5. Good point Mike. I shall write to the creator of the script and see if he knows a work around. Unfortunately, I think the script is aimed at people running WordPress who require users to register – where commenters would therefore have unique identities.

  6. Hooray for Tomsk! Tomsk is our God!

    Thanks Tomsk. That pint I owe you is getting bigger and bigger.

  7. ooh look at the pretty colours! It works!

  8. Mike’s got a very good point – how do I know your stats are not lumping me together with all the other Anamiks who post comments?!

  9. Far be it from me to add to any confusion, but………

  10. and what are you – kidding me? Sierra should have a blog of her own.
    Go Sierra!

  11. wow. So, uh, wanna cyber?

  12. i just scoffed a pork pie whilst browsing in pork pie mode – it felt virtual! off to the shop now, to get some cherries for tomorrow.

  13. Fraser – how does one get the ‘zesty lemon’ back after tasting the other flavours?

  14. Click on ‘lemon’ in the ‘Jam Flavour’ section in the right-hand navigation.

  15. oh… as easy as that!

    thanks f.

  16. got to hand it to you for the pork pie flavour – now that’s the best thing since sliced bread.

  17. A genius, this man is a genius…

  18. Just wanted to add one more comment to my roster, to break even with Claudia in the charts.

    You know, seven years ago I started a “Usenet stats” website for the it.* Usenet hierarchy, with top posters charts for each newsgroup, and I succeeded in making overall Usenet traffic in the hierarchy grow 20% in two months. I discontinued the service soon afterwards :-)