robot cat

As regular readers will know, I’m a cat lover. I don’t have a feline companion of my own, however, living as I do in a flat with no real garden. I could get an indoors cat, of course, but I don’t think that’s fair – cats should spend their days scrambling up trees, chasing birds, and marking out territory by burying cat-dirt in the soil.

I do miss not having a moggy round the place, though, so you’ll understand the tremendous excitement felt at blogjam towers tonight when I tell you that I’m placing an order for a genuine robot cat from Japan. The process will take a while – a friend is ordering the cat from Toys R Us in Japan and having it delivered to her parents in Zushi, from where it’ll be shipped to the UK. I can’t wait.

Update: Everything was going so well, but then my Japanese friend discovered that the Nearme™ cat has one major flaw – it cannot walk. So that’s another fine plan down the drain, unless I can locate a spare $1500-$2000 to buy a Necoro which, let’s face it, is unlikely.


  1. that’s probably the scariest thing i have ever seen.

  2. You’ll be laughing out of the other side of your face when it goes beserk and tries to kill Sarah Connor.

  3. Actually, I think you should reconsider the option of a real cat. Although I understand how you’d rather have a feling doing feline thing (trees, grass, mice, etc.), you would be surprised how cat shelters are in dire need of placing FIV cats in good homes without outdoor access. The simple reasons are that FIV cats shouldn’t be allowed outside in order to protect their compromised immune system and to curb the spread of the desease in the local feline community. Of course it’s not like having a brand new perfect kitten, but isn’t it nice to give a cat a second chance of happiness? If you go down that avenue, I’d recommend you adopting two siblings, as they can keep each other company whilst you’re away. Your flat, two homeless cats… a perfect match. xx

  4. I have thought about all that stuff, and I’ve got a friend who works in an animal shelter who has made the same points to me, but it doesn’t alter my thinking. I grew up in New Zealand with cats who spent barely any time at all inside, and the rest of the time they’d be roaming the neighbourhood killing small creatures and snarling at strangers. They’re the kind of cats I’m used to and the kind of cat I’d like to own.

  5. Yes, I can relate to that, as I grew up in Italy where cats pretty much behave like in NZ, except that they are much, much friendlier.

  6. Necoro can’t walk either.

  7. You should check out google