islam bumsex

I tested out a new stats package this evening. It’s by far the best externally-hosted traffic monitoring site I’ve come across – you’re not expected to link back to them, and the feature set is extremely impressive. Even so, after four years I’m still looking for a stats package I’m actually happy using. I’d prefer to have something I can host myself, in which case it needs to be able to cope with 2 million plus page views per month, and I want something that lists all referrers, not just the most recent 100 or the top 100. I also want full (and clickable) referring URLs, not just domains. If anyone can suggest anything that suits, where I can tag my pages (rather than software that analyzes the raw Apache log files like Webalizer or Analog) I’d be really grateful. At the moment I use AXS, which I love, but it can’t cope with the amount of traffic the kittens receive without me having to delete the log files every day.

Anyway, I was looking over this new stats package, and a particular visitor to blogjam caught my eye.

I’m tempted not to dwell on this too long. So I’ll just say that it’s nice to receive vistors from Islamic countries with such unexpected interests.


  1. Glad you were on the receiving end of that and not me.

  2. Today’s gem is a punter searching for “pornography vomit and puke on my face”.

  3. I got one the other day from someone googling “a nice place on the web”, which pleased me no end.

    Look at you, showing off about your page-views per month. Pah!

  4. It’s the kittens that get 99% of those pageviews, not me. The nonsense I spout in these pages is only read by a steadily dwindling audience of rather baffled people who actually know me, I think.

  5. You’re being too hard on yourself. I’m one of your 2 million fans and I don’t know you. Keep up the good work.

  6. Don’t be so rough on yourself…yes the kittens are cute (couple reminded me of my Little Tiger when she was younger and less of a hethan) – but I enjoy your sense of humor and candid postings :) – your site has found a happy home in my firefox live bookmarks…and I don’t know you

  7. I just like laughing at you, and hanging around London looking for people who look like you so I can point and look superior. Har!

  8. landed via MSN mate typed in bumsex your the first link congrats :)

  9. I am available for Islamic kids celebrations and birthday parties. i do menial magic tricks with hats and rabbits but everything is halal. I didn’t graduate high school so i bacame a magician. i come fully dressed up in my black hat, my dog chain and my t-shirts that say import flavour. i can also do filming in my broke arse xl1 that needs maintenance, or i can film in my sony pd150 that i stole from international academy of design with my friend who works in the equipment signout area. You can find me at import car shows wearing a black baseball cap to hide my receeding hairline. Peace out and where is bin laden?