climbing cats

The following picture was submitted to the random kitten generator by someone called Dave.

As they tend to say in Internet circles: WTF?

Update: I heard back from Dave. He says.

My cats don’t climb the screen door anymore now that thay’ve grown up. The lightest one is 10 pounds and the biggest is 17 pounds… I don’t think they would be able to do it anymore.

Well. I think that’s a pity.


  1. there was probably a lizard on the ceiling…

  2. Um, I think they’re hanging off a screen door. They have those in the US – a sort of mesh screen, so you can open the door to get the breeze without insecty things coming in.

    Christ, I’m so dull…

  3. Please, phoebemittens, don’t spoil it. These are *magic* cats with special powers that include the ability to climb glass.

  4. Fraser

    It’s actually more amazing and sick than that.

    These are ACME Super-Suction-Cats.

    What you can’t see in the background is two blokes with loads of glass. They are re-fitting the windows on this house and some quick-eyed snapper has caught these cats as they have put the window in place and are ion the background getting some putty.

    Super-Suction-Cats! Wow!

    The animal kingdom is fucking amazing!

  5. Nah ! Supercats, definitely ! Teaching mine to clean the windows I can’t reach in return for catnip :)

  6. it looks to me like a painting the cats don’t look dimensional at all

  7. I’m quite glad the kitten site landed me here, this picture especially intrigued me…