my bad week

Things are not going so well. First up, the new PC I ordered turned up but didn’t work, blue-screening every couple of minutes, and has had to go back to the manufacturers, sick-note in hand. Secondly, and more worryingly, Blueyonder (who have thusfar been absolutely peerless as a secondary webhost) appear to have, well, fucked up quite a bit of my content. Three lengthy phone calls to the company have failed to resolve the matter, with technical support unable to offer any assistance whatsover. The last gentleman I spoke to suggested that it was most likely that I had “accidentally deleted the site” by “changing my FTP settings” which, for all you non-technical folk out there, is what we Internet types like to call ‘laughable’. For a start, my content dropped off the radar at 2.55 last Friday afternoon, and given that Friday was a day off (I spent it waiting for my broken PC to not show up), and that at the time I was across London retreiving said no-show computer from some Godforsaken warehouse in North Acton, the chances of me having been able to perform such an accidental erasion are, shall we say, slight in the fucking extreme. The issue has been passed on to another part of the Blueyonder technical department to be resolved, and I’ve been promised an answer within three days. I’m hoping that the content is still there, just unreachable (which, for all you non-technical folk out there, is what we Internet types like to call ‘despairingly clinging on to futility for dear life’).

So what’s affected?

The random kitten generator? Gone.
Despot or Sexpot? Gone.
Chas n’ Dave’s Rabbit? Gone.

I’ve managed to retrieve some of the other stuff from various dodgy mirrors round the web, so the Pork Pie Tribute and The Truth About Neil Armstrong are both safe, but I can’t access any of the files I was storing for twisted web genius Joel Veitch either. Curses.

Serves me right for getting my iPod cheap and for being sexually attractive to women, I guess.


  1. Noooooooooooooooooo! Not the kittens!

  2. not the kittens… really? Sh*t. Heads at Blueyonder should roll. And then be stamped on.
    I need to back up my site. *panics*. Everyone needs to back up their stuff.
    Hope you get it back.

  3. that’s just seven shades of wrong.
    on a much much much smaller scale, f9 – my old hosting company – managed to wipe the entire HDIF site. luckily i have most of it on my desktop so it was just a matter of finding a new host and uploading everything, but for a while there….

  4. Not the kittens…no not the kittens……

  5. NO! Not the kittens! That’s a proper tragedy…

    *weeps for pity*

  6. OMG!!! WTF!!! NOT THE KITTENS!!!111LOLROFLetcetera
    Also, bummer about the other stuff.

    But seriously, bad Blueyonder. Naughty. I think I still have the kitten pics I donated somewhere. We can rebuild them…