happy birthday

Ooh, bugger. I just realised that it’s the fourth anniversary of blogjam. Or at least it was a week ago. It’s amazing how thin I can spread this muck. So instead of celebrating the occasion I thought I’d share a couple of corporate Christmas cards. The first is from Xfm, who have taken a picture of the Libertines and branded it with their own logo, celebrating heroin abuse in the way that only a media conglomerate can. Next up are Palm Pictures, whose card is interesting in that they use some music by Norwegian drum ‘n bass maestros Xploding Plastix, despite the fact that (as far as I know) the band have no connection with their record label whatsoever.

In other news, I received a mail from someone called Linda, who says:

I just wanted to say hello. I was reading about jellybean and forgot about doing lyrics and music. I am not doing well at all. anyway hi and bye for now. Linda.


And I found yet another blogjam. Will this torment never end?

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