work in progress

I could put up one of those rubbish ‘website under construction’ images, but I can’t be arsed. Suffice to say, things may get a little broken round here as I tinker with WordPress 1.5.


  1. Blimey – you could’ve warned us – you scared the pants off me. Kind of.

  2. Nortons Auntie Virus

    I agree, cant deal with change too well. prior warning in future sir

  3. Please, please bring back the LimeJam

  4. mooooooooooooo! What is it with cows? I get enough of looking at ’em out me window.


  5. Simon 'Ramone' Hadfield

    Just heard Hunter S Thompson cashed in his chips, quite sad. Must go and find Fear & Loathing and read it again.

    Like the cows Fras McFras. Be sure to wear protective clothing and eye wear while you undertake construction work on your site.

  6. Aaaaaaaaaaargh! Cows!

    We want rabbits. Cute fluffy bunnies.

    No cows.

  7. This may be entirely unrelated, but the site seems much slower since the conversion. Has anyone else noticed this? Today, for example, the stats at the bottom of the main page say: 17 queries. 4.577 seconds.

    Now 4.577 seconds may not seem like a lot. But I’m used to a much zippier Blogjam. Granted there are probably other nefarious factors at play, but I thought I’d mention it regardless.

  8. Hmmm. 4.577 seconds is slow, but I just tried and got 0.494 seconds. Hopefully it’s down to something else, transcient conditions on the web or whatever – my overall impression is that things are a little quicker since the switch.