google satan

There’s a growing body of opinion on the web claiming that Google is evil. I’ve always suspected this to be nonsense, but a quick look at my Gmail account this morning suggests differently.

Geek credit: evil stats exposed by the HTML Tidy extension for Firefox.


  1. “OOOooooooooShhhhhhhhh……”

  2. You are right.

    Look at how they came from nowhere. Only Illuminati assholes have the resources to take over the search engine business so fast like they did. Look at all the shit they allow to profile what you search and prop it up to the top of the list.
    Anybody know who owns this outfit.?
    I bet if you search that you won’t find out.
    I bet Google is nothing more than some old money pieces of fucking rotting shit saying….”Let’s take over the Internet….”
    I would like to find these cocksuckers and teach them some pain…anybody that has over 50 million should be shot and pissed on. It is wrong to have so much money and power, they will all burn in their own shit.

  3. I have noticed how google changes it’s logo every couple of weeks. One time it had tree swirly six’s in it. (666)? That is the new age symbol for 666.