I’m OK in Leicester Square. Thanks for the e-mails. Monitoring Radio London and Metafilter, about a mile from the nearest blast. Walking home later, or may go to the pub to watch cricket.

Later: Just walked home to Kilburn, about five miles. It’s truly weird – round the back of Edgeware Road (scene of one of the explosions) were a fleet of 10-12 ambulances, with loads of medics standing round. On the opposite site of the road, a rammed pub, the tables outside full. Business as usual.

The only business I saw closed on the whole way home was the Apple Store on Regent St.


  1. miserable turds. not content with murdering and maiming innocent people, me and the missus now have to miss our first proper nite out together since the bin lid was born.

  2. obviously i don’t mean that me and my partner are out murdering and maiming. i’m somewhat discombobulated today.

  3. Hasn’t Bin Lid claimed responsibility for the attacks?

  4. shit…just got in to the office and heard…glad to hear you’re okay!

    (it’s funny – i first heard about 9/11 via the Internet too)

  5. You’re the first person I’ve seen/heard referring to today’s event as 7/7. Wonder wether it will catch on.

    Glad you’re OK.

  6. Glad to hear it. Hope you had a decent pint.

  7. glad to hear that you’re okay.