I’m farked

Hooray. The Daily Kitten got Farked yesterday. This is excellent and timely news, as I was just about to give up on it as a poor idea. Now I have a glut of uploaded images I can use, and my efforts to become the web’s one true kittenmaster are nicely back on track.

It’s also exciting because it’s the first time I’ve been properly Farked. Previous projects have been Boing Boinged, Metafiltered, b3ta’d several times and 2 Channelled. I’m really only missing a decent, hard Slash-dotting, but I swear my day will come, and then I’ll have a complete set of the things that can happen to bring your website to its knees.


  1. It’s all alien to me!!?!??

  2. Well, gosh. I can still remember the days when this ‘ere site was all green, you know, even before the plane arrived at the top left… though I can’t quite remember what it was like before that, I just remember thinking the plane was new.

    And who’d have thought back then that it’d come to this. Farkin’ ‘ell.

    (OK, slightly spoilt in that it was the daily kitten and not blogjam, but still…)

  3. It’s the second one I remember. Although perhaps a slightly less borked version.

  4. Oh god… reading that thread some of the cat cruelty stories are unbelievably horrible…

  5. Fraser,

    I thought i’d call in and see what you’ve been up to and I realise that I don’t know you any more!

    Blog Jam is an empire!
    You eat at The Fat Duck
    The panoramic view of The Lodge seems somehow different.

  6. Right, I’ll get to work on some especially nerdy cute-kitten related code and see if I can’t get kittenwar slashdotted then.