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These patchy scribblings at the blogjam empire have led to some exciting places – being a runner-up in the inaugural Guardian weblog competition, being named one of the World’s best weblogs by Web User magazine, and being offered free sex (almost) are just three examples.

But all this near-success pales into shoddy insignificance when compared to my latest coup – getting fan-mail from the very lovely former adult film star Asia Carrera. Asia, it turns out, is a cat lover. Not only has she submitted a picture to kittenwar, (an image which is scoring very nicely, thank you very much for asking – currently topping the kittenwar chart), but she’s uploaded a couple of shots to my most recent venture, the wildly successful Cats In Sinks. Asia wrote to me asking how many kittens were competing at kittenwar (as I write it’s 18,607), which led to a short exchange of e-mails. I complimented her on the high standard of photographs uploaded, and she responded by saying:

There’s nothing wrong with being obsessed with cats – I’ve had many, and I’ve shot 10,000 pictures of every one of ’em, so I have a mega-arsenal of adorable kitty pics to submit! I spent 10 years of my life being shot from every angle, so it’s only fair I subjected my cats to the same scrutiny.

Marvellous stuff. Not only is Asia the only Carnegie Hall-playing member of Mensa to have carved out a bewilderingly successful career in pornography, and an obvious cat lover, but she’s also the only adult star to have written to me. Personally. What a nice lady.

Two of Asia’s cats, Tigger and Kitten Little.

You can read Asia’s bulletin page (post dated 9/11) for her take on kittenwar.


  1. Blimey. I’ve said it before, many times, but isn’t the internet marvellous?

  2. Fantastic.

    Now I want to see the “pornstars in sink” photo collection.

    And I agree with Tomsk, isn’t yonder t’internet a wonderful thing.

  3. Should I make the pussy joke now, or later?


  4. I wondered how long that would take…

  5. I’m very jealous that Asia is one of your fans!

    Love the Blog though, it’s great. Can’t say I’m a huge kitten fan (very, very allergic, alas, but do appreciate them from a safe distance through 12 feet of glass and robot arms to handle them) but I like to cook and I love Finchley Road Waitrose. Much better than the manky Sainsburys in the O2 centre and far, far superior to The Sainsburys Which Time Forgot at Golders Green.

    Love your steak tartare btw. It’s very yummy indeed.

  6. I’m still looking at ’em.
    Still don’t get it.
    They are cats. In a sink.
    Show me a rhino do the same, and then I’ll be amazed:)

  7. Invidia, tremenda invidia…

  8. well, i will be heartily damned. when one thinks of all the things an adult star could possibly be doing at any given time, stuffing the bathroom sink with felines is not one that instantly pops to mind.

    however, my ex-wife, who is japanese, has submitted her cats to much the same treatment. archived are photos of cats in drawers, hampers, boots, tubs, under xmas trees, in stockings, doing it’s business… she even has photos of the poor things’ fecal deposits. when one died, she treated it to a shinto burial.

    please let there not be a site devoted to photgraphs of cat droppings.

  9. Yes, I love Asia Carrera too

  10. My balls itch

  11. a weasel ate my cat.


  12. The little pink animal

    Asia rocks :)
    A genious nerd pornstar.
    you gotta love her

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  14. i wanna connect Asia Carrera

  15. i liove , like you (aisa carrera) i want your Eemail , i would like your photos and talk with you .
    beleve me you are the most beautiful women i saw it
    thank you so match

  16. i love you asia. i want your e-mail. i would like photos and to talk with you. you are the most beautiful woman. thank you so much.

  17. I wouldn’t mind playing with Asia’s little pussy. Meow!

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