I’ve arrived in China. The train journey was uneventful, 2032 kilometres spent staring at corn fields in the company of Sharon, an ER technician from Guam. Nice lady.

Found my hotel OK, but they’d lost (there’s that word again) the details of my booking. Luckily a spare room is found, and I’m free to wander off to a nearby tibetan restaurant to sample yak-butter tea, spiced rooster and ‘bittern sinew of oxen’, whatever that was. All very nice, although the rooster was quite gristly.

Tomorrow, the Forbidden City. Assuming they let me in, of course.


  1. Sounds great. Will there be pictures at some point?

  2. Yes, but not until I get home.

  3. No! yak-butter tea! One of the worst ever things I’ve ever sipped in my life.

  4. You know that for proper Tibetan tea the Yak Butter must be rancid.


  5. *** RECIPE 2 IN A SERIES OF 2 ***

    Some Yak Butter, ideally rancid

    Go figure

  6. You have to seek out the “stinky tofu” while in China. The strongest stench I have come across. A combination of vomit and footballer socks. But surprisingly pleasant once in the mouth.