blogged: 2005

You should buy this book. I’ve read every word of it*, and it’s BETTER THAN THE BIBLE.

Well, bits of it are. OK, one bit. The top bit of page 64. It’s fucking amazing. Funniest thing I’ve ever read. No, really.

So Buy it. Buy it hard.

*This is a lie. I’ve only actually read the bit that I did. The rest of the book is probably rubbish. Apart from the bit that Scaryduck did. He’s funny, so I reckon it’s probably a good piece. He wrote about his nadgers, apparently.


  1. Nadgers.

    That’s rude.

    I like you.

    I don’t have any.

    I have a hoo-hah.

    But nobody asks me to write about that.

    I still do though.

  2. Yes. My bit is also excellent, because it mentions both a) my private bits and b) Fraser.

  3. Good Lord, is there nobody who isn’t in this book?

    (Apart from me, that is.)

  4. I’m not because I’m not important enough and I don’t have a nadger.

  5. But you do have a hoo-haa. And presumably some norks as well. (If that’s the right word for pairing with hoo-haa.) Surely that merits inclusion?

  6. Well I would have thought so. Norks is dirty. Brilliant. I like “tatters” and “bazongas” and also “jugs” to describe my girls.

    And my hoo-hah is lovely, and recently mowed. Phwoar.

  7. I like bazongas. Also chebs.

    And freshly mowed hoo-haas, come to mention it.

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