1. Many, many happy returns sir

  2. Happy day and welcome to the club… quick, someone show him the secret handshake so we can start to drinking!

  3. I remember when you were 25 Fraze

    All you ate then was cakes, Nourishment cans, Camel Filters and Red Stripe

    See kids – Don’t believe everything the Government tells you about what not to eat

    Happy Birthday you Ginger Tosser!!!!!

  4. Well, happy birthday. I thought you were much younger.

  5. Happy birthday O wise and aged one.

    Any chance of a giant birthday cake?

  6. Happy birthday, you old git.

  7. Many Many Happy Returns,

    O Ginger Kitten Messiah!

    bless your eyes

  8. Hear hear. Treble Sanatogen and Saga holidays all round.

  9. Happy Birthday Young Sir.
    HAve a good one!

  10. Happy birthday Fraser. May all your remaining days be merry and bright.

  11. Woo! Happy birthday, fella!

  12. Holy Shit!!

    And I thought it was bad enough recently reaching 30…
    Nice to know there’s always someone worse off than me!!

    Happy birthday, you old git.

  13. Happy Birthday, now get back to work!

  14. w00t

    I turn 22 tomorrow!

  15. Happy Birthday Fraser! Hope you enjoy the seameal custard!!

  16. Thanks Cazz, I most surely will!

  17. happy birthday, wise man!

    you’re sooo young. I am 45. and wiser ;-)

  18. I cryed like a big baby for 3 days when I hit 40.
    Hope your experience is a happier one.

  19. Happy Birthday Frizzcanti,
    I was saddened to hear of the Demise of Simon. It seems as your life is just beginning, his has come to an end.
    RIP Simon….Happy Birthday Frase!

  20. Yes. Alas poor Simon. He was nearly ten years old.

  21. you rock.
    only not quite as hard.

  22. Many happy returns. My turn soon but you got there first!!!

    Have a great evening

  23. Frase,

    I reckon it took you 20 of those 40 years to get from NW1 to NW2. Now if you can get to NW3 in the next 20, you will be doing alright.

    Happy Birthday

    Yates Tribe

  24. i think the correct saying for the occasion is”fuck off bollocks you`re a cunt”…or something.

  25. Well done. And don’t worry. the crippling depression and self-doubt won’t kick in for at least a month

  26. Happy Birthday Fraser,
    Howz your book and search for the elusive HFW going? And have you any culinary tales to tell. One love.

  27. Caukillius Maximus

    F**k this celebration man, Goddammit a fish just died!
    See you on Saturday Homeboy

  28. Djeah, Djeah, Djeah!!!!!!
    Peeemp dat sheeat Fraze.
    Da big 4-0 get a blo from a ho.

  29. I’ve just realised John Armstrong is a Fucking cock. Too bad you missed all the shenanegans of the Apprentice and the Armstrongs this evening I’m guessing you’re out on the raz? I’ll refrain from telling you the results. Hav a good one (57 hours left, make the most of it. 56 now. See you’re getting old like you are so willing to promote. Irony is bliss)(was that to long for brackets?)

  30. OMG LMAO, ORLY, RLY. WTF does ROFL mean? I RLY want to know but have genuinely failed to figure it out. somebody please help me. I’m embarassed to ask, as all the techy intertwats will laugh and point at me.
    BTW, Crappy BDay Fraser. How’s the French B-Day thingie spelt? Like on Countdown people suppose a dictionary will help, but it never does because I don’t know how to spell it! It pisses me off when people seem to find words from jumbled shit as if their brain’s a mega computer. Fucking Suzie bitchface. The sort of teachers pet that you always secretly wanted to poison. Fucking calculator brain. How do people like that think? I may seem annoyed, but am just having a bit of fun and am eager to hear opinions on this.
    Cheers James.

  31. Wel, penblwydd hapus fy ngwas i. M’ond pum ar ugain flynedd yn ol tan’r ymneilltuad :) Dwi’n teimlo’n well i fod (n’agos i) 30 oed rwan, hehehe . . .

  32. Oops, sorry – I thought you were Welsh, just read your biog – I meant to say ‘ Happy Birthday my son. Only 25 years to go until retirement. I feel better to be (close to) 30 yo now’.
    You are JiveBunny and I claim my five pounds . .

  33. Sure, but did you see the beard on Harvard’s Prof Tao Lu?

    Anyway, happy birthday.

  34. Happy birthday fraser!

  35. happy birthday for yesterday you ginger tosser!

  36. Happy Birthday :)
    Hope being 40 doesn’t suck too much.

  37. Happy birthday. If I knew you better (or at all), I’d have tossed an “old git” in there somewhere, but I figured I better leave well enough alone. Hope you had a good one.

  38. HAPPY BIRTHDAY squire!!!!

  39. All the very best, Fraser. I’ve known how this feels for six years now.

  40. Belated Happy Birthday Fraser, i hope it was a good one.

  41. Happy birthday :O)

  42. PS. it’s the American, non native Signal species (they’re a pest) so you can legally fill your boots!

  43. Better that it be 40 ABOVE rather 40 below ground…..

    enjoy this day as it only happens once in a life time….

    best wishes…..MARY

  44. Does anyone have the codes for the six feet under evening standard dvd from thursday please ?

  45. i’m late again like stealers wheel, but still: happy birthday fraser!

  46. Fras-

    1) I’m shocked to hear Simon passed away, I would have expected more from you.


  47. Whoops.

    2) Happy birthday. Hope you’re well (better than Simon) and have had a fun time celebrating. I’ll have a VB for you (not really, maybe a Coopers).


  48. Happy Birthday, I was 50 two days ago, and I hope i enjoy the next ten years as much as the last ten, the older you get the better life gets,
    All the best…..

  49. Hope you had a big one

  50. Your 40th?

    Did I miss it?



  51. I didn’t realise people your age used the internet.

  52. Welcome 2 the fifth decade of your life. Insight on much should you have. A rare breed you are.Ccaught between strange genrations. Old enough 2 know better yet youung enough not 2 care. Enjoy…

  53. metromole Says:
    April 7th, 2006 at 8:36 am
    Does anyone have the codes for the six feet under evening standard dvd from thursday please ?

    Response: Sure do.

    Six feet under codes for Thurs and Fri evening standard.

    Thurs: 347229

    Friday: 866314


  54. Fuck a duck and call it Mary.

    Fraser’s 40.

    The end of the world is surely nigh.

    I’d still give you one, you old git.

  55. Fras’

    In honour of your reaching the “Big Four-O”, I challenge you to sourcing then eating some Wagyu (Kobe) Beef. Full report hereabouts, of course. I’ll chuck in a tenner to get you started.


  56. It’s on the agenda – they sell it at the Selfridges food hall.

  57. Missed it by five days, but Happy Birthday.

    Duck, S (also 40)

  58. Fraser: I’m in London for the next few days and if time and funds and drunken extravegance allow, that sarnie is to be mine, all miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine I tell you *evil laughter*

  59. thanks so much stephen for the codes!

  60. I am going to be 40 2 months and 1 day after you which means i have the coolest brthdate of the century, so will you let me steal your flashing 40 badge pretty please?

  61. Yes, of course. Go right ahead.

  62. Hi Frasier,

    Just back from the jungle, sorry I missed your birthday.

    Buon compleanno!!


    PS: How was the restaurant in the dark? Sounds great,
    I want to go. Would you recommend it?

  63. Belated Happy B’day “UNCLE”.

  64. A very belated Happy Birthday. I just turned 40 myself and must say I’m having the time of my life.

  65. am i the only one that noticed when your pointer is on the “I AM 40 .gif” it actually says i am 420………….:)))

  66. dude

    appy brithing anniversary many tnx fer das dvd codes