pepto-bismol ice cream

Generally, I’ve been pretty lucky with my health. I’ve never had a headache. Or suffered a nosebleed. Or broken a bone. And until quite recently, I’d never experienced a hangover, despite spending most of my twenties and much of my thirties determined to advance the onset of chronic liver damage.

Within the last few years, however, things have changed. For a start, I drink a lot less, but even when I do I still don’t suffer as most seem to – no pounding skull, no nausea, no sensitivity to loud noise – but the night before definitely makes its presence felt on the day that follows. I suffer from a kind of mental lethargy, staring at my computer screen for considerable amounts of time, before realizing with a start that I haven’t actually done anything for ten minutes. And then there’s the digestion issue. Without being too graphic, visits to the toilet become more frequent, more urgent, more painful and, to be frank, more… liquid. It’s not pretty.

So the search for a hangover cure has become paramount. I need something to ease my mind back into the day, something to tighten up the valves downstairs, and several years of intensive trial and error have led me in the direction of two remedies.

Stage one is ice cream, which I believe works for me for two reasons. Firstly, the coolness of product helps to counteract the inevitable post-alcohol sweat. Secondly, both dairy products and eggs are a valuable source of Vitamin B12, a deficiency of which is normal in hangovers – my body is telling me it needs more, and ice-cream delivers.

Stage two is the imbibing of Pepto-Bismol, that remarkable, vibrantly pink remedy for bowel anguish. This stuff is weird, but it does the trick. Years ago, when I worked for outlandishly hirsute rockers The Cure, the band wouldn’t tour without stocking up first. I’d be at my desk, and the call would come in. “Fraser? We’re in Rio, and we’ve run out of Pepto. Can you Fedex us a crate?” And so I would.

Ice cream. Pepto-bismol. Pepto-bismol. Ice cream. After a while, it became obvious. I should combine the two. So I wrote to Proctor & Gamble, manufacturers of the liquid, and asked their opinion:

I am a long-time user of Pepto-Bismol. I like the fact that it is extremely pink, and find it very useful for coping with alcohol-induced bouts of digestive trauma.

But can you cook with Pepto-Bismol? I am thinking of making some Pepto-Bismol ice-cream, and want to know if there are any dangers involved.

Thanks in advance,


With the kind of wild efficiency you’d expect from such a vast organisation, a response swiftly arrived.

Hello and thanks for your e mail.

Pepto-Bismol is a strictly controlled medicine and should only used as a remedy to relieve the symptoms of an upset stomach.

Kind regards,


Consumer Relations

Well, I’m none the wiser. No information. I guess there’s nothing to do but experiment; this is, after all, how advances in medical science are made. And so I gather together the ingredients.

Eggs (6 yolks). Vanilla pods (2). Milk (250ml). Pepto-Bismol (1 bottle). Cream (250ml). Sugar (50g). Simple. We start by splitting the vanilla pods and scraping out the tiny seeds.

The seeds get added to the cream, sugar and eggs as I rustle up a classic crème anglaise, the foundation of all good ice creams. This custard is taken off the heat as soon as it’s close to boiling (the point at which the liquid can curdle), and rapidly cooled over a bowl of iced water. Eagle-eyed readers will notice the tiny specs of vanilla in the picture below.

Gingerly – I’m not sure why, perhaps I expect some kind of unholy fusion – I pour in the medicine. Nothing happens. No chemical reaction. No-one dies.

Stirring the ingredients together, however, does reveal a serious problem. The passionate Pepto pink has diminished somewhat, leaving behind a more anaemic imitation.

Thankfully, help is at hand. In the far reaches of the blogjam pantry I’m able to score an ancient bottle of scarlet food dye, and add a capful to the brew.

Finally, I pour the compound into my trusty Panasonic Ice Cream Maker, light the blue touch paper, and retire.

While I’m waiting for the mixture to freeze, I revisit the Pepto-Bismol website, where a glance at the FAQ section reveals a previously unheralded paragraph:

Some people feel refrigerating makes the dose more pleasing to take, and that’s OK. However, you shouldn’t freeze the product.

Whoa! Waddya mean no freezing? I’ve just made ice-cream! I need to clarify the situation immediately, and write back to Proctor & Gamble.

I’ve just noticed that the FAQ on the Pepto-Bismol website says that while refrigerating the product is OK, one shouldn’t freeze it. Can you shed any light on why this might be?

This time, Penny responds.

We do not have any information about freezing Pepto-Bismol….we can only stress that as a controlled medicine it should only be used as directed on the bottle.

Kind regards,


Consumer Relations

What a quandary! Obviously the girls can’t endorse my ice-cream adventure, but they won’t give me any clues as to why it’s a bad idea either. Penny doesn’t have this information to hand, but P&G must have tested the theory, otherwise the warning on the website wouldn’t be there. What to do?

Eat it, of course! In my book, food without danger is like sex with a condom: it goes in the same entrance, but the experience is altogether less thrilling, less memorable, indeed less satisfying. I fetch the ice cream from the freezer, scoop out a chunk, and admire its pinky goodness.

The taste? Actually, it’s quite nice. The vanilla and sugar temper the metallic bitterness of the medicine, giving the end result a flavour not too dissimilar to black cherry. And as a hangover cure? Initial studies are encouraging, with no negative side-effects experienced as yet. A mild mid-week drinking session provided the first test, and while my cross-breed concoction certainly didn’t eliminate the suffering altogether, the benefits did not go unnoticed.

Obviously, if I’m to suggest to P&G that they approach Ben & Jerry’s to produce a commercial version, there will have to be proper clinical trials, with control groups and placebos and suchlike, but I’m hopeful. It’ll sit nicely on the shelves next to my paracetamol bacon roll.

Small-print: As as a controlled medicine, Pepto-Bismol should only be used as directed on the bottle. If in doubt, consult your pharmacist.


  1. Wow. Pretty much the first person I have ever encountered with the same “non-hangover” response to alcohol as me! I am not alone. Yay! Still wondering what the humans are talking about when they say “headache”…

  2. You have broken a bone Fraser. It was one of my ribs admittedly, but it was still a bone.

  3. Well, I’ve had fifteen fractures (involving fewer than fifteen bones) – and that’s just counting mine – so the analogy is not complete :) Still, did it hurt as much as it would have for hangover-getters?

  4. I could do with a scoop of that this morning. Am regretting my choice of strong lager last night. It always makes me feel awful the day after.

  5. I’ve always wondered – if crème anglais is, well, English, why doesn’t it have an English name? English cream.

  6. As far as I know, crème anglaise is simply the French term for an English invention (in medievel times, the English used such a sauce to dress poached eggs), but the English term is actually far less glamourous, and looks a lot more pikey on poncy restaurant menus: custard sauce.

  7. Sounds yummy, but I have a hangover cure (or, more accurately, preventative) that actually works: Milk Thistle. Take one or two tablets of this herb extract before imbibing (preferably a day or two before) and you will wake up feeling fresh as a daisy. It works, honest.

  8. Re: crème anglias – it occurs to me that, in ye olden days, the posh folk spoke French anyway – it was the language of the Court, so French words were often applied to food, some of which we still use today (and generally for the posh foods too, e.g. venison, veal and even mutton [which would have been posh then as wool was more valuable than sheep flesh] – but not lamb or hogget, both of which are derived from Saxon or Celtic origins. Incidentally, the word "custard" is derived from a Provençal word, croustade).

    Straying even further off-topic, the Food Programme did a good piece on hogget a couple of weeks ago. Have you ever tried it? Do you know a good source?

  9. To be honest, I don’t even know the difference between hogget and mutton, or at which point one becomes the other.

  10. >Like sex with a condom: it goes in the same entrance, but the experience is altogether less thrilling, less memorable, indeed less satisfying

    *shakes head in dissaproval*
    I thought you had a remarcably sensible outlook on life Mr Blogjam. Condoms are there for a reason.

    Loving the icecream though.

  11. i remember you coming to my flat, staying the night, and in the morning eventually kicking out another guest, who was in my bathroom (reminder: he is a llama fancier and wierdly has a surname similar to “toilet” in Spanish) whilst exclaiming something like “I have IBS and if you don’t get out I will shit on the floor!”.

    I distinctly remember calmly suggesting at the time, whilst leaning against a door frame and boss-eyedly licking a Cornetto, that you should create a pepto-bismal icecream to avoid situations like this in future.

    My questions are:

    1) why did it take so long for you to create it, and

    2) why have you not told the world it was my idea in the first place?

  12. Chris, you know as well as I do: everything is your idea.

    • Excellent idea…no matter who’s it was. Think about adding chocolate chips…yummy whether it tastes minty or like dark cherry. Who cares if it affects your “condition”…ice cream is all about the yum factor anyway.

  13. Thank you.

    At last.


  14. I have long been made fun of for my promotion of Pepto as a hangover cure (tropical hangovers, especially). Thank you for vindicating me.

    An interesting fact is that now that you can get Pepto in chewy pill form, which may relieve fears about freezing the medication.

  15. Intriguing to say the least sir. I am particularly taken by your comment regarding your invention’s pinky goodness. If I were to include the term pinky goodness into my (and Mrs Mission’s) lovemaking regime, would that be ok with you?

  16. Adrienne is on to something! In the spirit of the “Ben & Jerry’s” ice-creams that all have to have some absurd ingredient of different consistency and texture stirred in, you could make “Extra-Strength” PB ice-cream by stirring in broken-up PB pills!
    I wonder what “Cold Stone” would say if you requested PB bits mixed in?

  17. I get a stonking, piercing headache from eating ice-cream, if it rests too long on the roof of my mouth. The only remedy is to rapidly & violently rub my tongue over the roof (of my mouth) till it warms up enough for the pain to subside.

    I wonder, if I dissolved some Aspro-Clear (R) through my next batch of home-made strawberry ice-cream, would it cause and cure my headache all in one go?

  18. One phrase springs to mind from the other 99 percent of us who DO suffer hangovers…. but expletives aside, the other side of the scales of justice … I cooked for a birthday party with Vodka Jelly, Champagne Sorbet and Hash Icecream. Very effective.

  19. Davenmission: I’d feel honoured. No need to mention me personally during bouts of sexual congress, though.

  20. I’ve always been a Rennies man, having a fear of all things pink. Do you think Rennies ice cream would be nice? Or perhaps chewable Rennies scattered through your Pepto ice cream would add an interesting textural contrast?

  21. Ok so pepto bismol ice cream might cure hangovers, but does it cure guinness farts? I really think i need something that cures that this morning.

  22. you are about to get farked. Hope you can handle the traffic.

  23. So…. What does mean for the lactose intolerent? I mean, wouldn’t this kind of allow you to hold onto the ice cream for a more reasonable amount of time?
    They should totally do this with a vendor – Ben and Jerrys or Haagan Daaz – and upscale market it wretches that can’t normally eat ice cream.

  24. Nice remedy, Will need to try it once. I would lean with the milk thistle and the Multi-Vitamin B capsules ones though..that really helps!!!

  25. ronaldson t barker

    so.. it has a cool color. ancient food coloring huh?

  26. Cool idea! (no pun intended)
    I suggest adjusting the recipe so that one serving (scoop, bowl, etc) would contain the “recommended” dosage.

  27. You rock! Although this cooking thing vexes me. Please Fed-Ex me my pint.Gracias!

  28. Wow! Using medicine as a dessert item. What can you do with chocolate Ex-Lax?

  29. This is beyond awesome. You are a god. Would you mind if I translated this post and reposted it?

  30. Not at all. Please go right ahead.

  31. I’ll take mine made as Gelato please.

  32. Thats a pretty cool idea. Pepto makes you feel golden the morning after drinking. I have a sour stomach and it always makes me feel better asap.

    As for chocolate ex lax, I have never made Ice cream with it, But here are some things we have tried

    Ex lax chunk cookies (like chocolate chip cookies)

    Ex la Brownies

    Ex lax chocolate coated strawberries.

    All produced severly discusting and horrendis results. This stuff is blatently evil incarnate, and when you cook it it seems to make matters worse.

    Cookies were made with a half bag nestle chunks then the rest was an entire crumbed package. These were a special gift for a very big asshole, namely my friends stepfather. He had a sweetooth and we exploited this upon exacting revenge for all the fucked up shit he did to her. He got extremely sick, and spent most of the following few days in the bathroom, and thought it came from his favorite seafood places he had eaten at that night, so he never went back there!

    Brownies, it was “melted” with butter and mixed into the mix, we used half a bar to one box. These were for a coworker who was stealing my lunch. I wasnt making much money so i brought my lunch and could not keep it at my desk, we were required to keep any food int he lunchroom, due to pest control concerns. First it was one or two items a week, then by the end of the month it would just be gone. Bag there, no lunch in it. Sooooo I tried being cute with security, and get to see the tape and see who was doing it, there were cameras in there! Well, the camera only had a 2 hour tape, would rewind itself and tape over itself? bizzare. I made the brownies and would put one in my lunch each day. Since my station had a view of both bathrooms I could watch what the results were. unfortunatly I spent all my time on the phone so I got distracted from my bathroom watching duties, and it took a few days to catch them. Well the day I put 2 brownies in my bag, oh it was an adventure. I am in the middle of a call when I hear someone a few bays away yell oh my god, then I hear a bunch of people freaking out. It was one of the Bay managers, who had crapped his pants from the brownies, right there standing by his desk.
    Needless to say I had to immidiatly ask for a cig break and run outside to crack up. The guy was a real douchebag anyway. I was glad I caught him. He NEVER touched my lunch again.

    The Strawberries, Absolute total revenge perfection for stupid sluts.
    Buy the dip that hardens, cut out half of it, and use half the package “melted” in Dip stawberries, refridgerate and bam you have a perfect weapon against any woman who has pissed you off. I am a girl, and this was done to a hoggish woman who worked with my friend. While she was in the bathroom “some guy came in and left these for you” wrapped all nice, and gift wrapped like from the gormet shops. This woman had tried to “engage her boyfriend in sexual activity” but he didnt want her, and she liked to cause trouble because she was a 250lb “Hot girl” as this 38 year old woman with 6 kids 1 grandchild liked to call herself. Ugh

    All my solutions exact revenge, not a remedy, Ex lax didnt melt very pretty, and needs some help in the process, if you want to try this for the intended exlax purpose, a little goes a LOOONG way.

  33. Jerry Scott, formerly of Sparky’s Ale House in Brooklyn, invented another hangover cure – to be used when you wake up and want to continue drinking!
    Equal parts Pepto Bismol and Absolut Citron, shaken with ice and served with a twist of lemon.

  34. now for the science bit….

    Milk Thistle works because it strenghens your livers magical powers of washing your blood or what ever it does to it… i’ll stick with magic.

    This is a great idea tho’ You do realise that if someone gets hold of it and thinks “Yes! We can produce ALL our medicine in ice cream form so that children will take it with out whinging and the parents will get some respite from medicinal tantrums!!” that you will have essentially thrown away possibly the greatest money making idea of our time?

    Good job you posted it on the internet, ‘cos NO ONE looks at that….

  35. That is awesome and I’ll have to try it out. I realised that I’ll have to print it to put it alongside the Delia Smith’s Recipes LOL ;)

  36. I have heard of Pepto Bismol, but never seen it in Europe. Is this a product only for the US market?

  37. It’s available in the UK.

  38. Maybe you should tell Williams-Sonoma… I grab all their online recipes when I make ice cream at home. They’ll probably let you submit yours :) Meanwhile, thanks for the hysterial account. And, of course, the perfect disclaimer at the end!

  39. You are a natural problem-solver. Perhaps if you mix in some morning-after pills then it could solve another issue that seems to bother you.

  40. Wow. Pretty much the first person I have ever encountered with the same “non-hangover” response to alcohol as me! I am not alone. Yay! Still wondering what the humans are talking about when they say “headache”…

    i to suffer this cruel fate every saturday and sunday morning

  41. “creme anglaise” is so called because the French famously do not have custard. It is the French trying to mimic the English custard. It is not “English” as someone suggested at all – it is a french attempt to mimic (badly) something quintessentially English, hence the name.

  42. The ONLY person I’ve ever heard of who can drink like me!! No hangover, so no planning-for-the-day-after required!! Ain’t it great??

  43. I never thought about combinding the two things. For the slightly lactose intolerant, does the pepto in the ice cream make it so that…well…one doesn’t need pepto after eating the ice cream?

  44. Why would you dilute the delicious flavour of pepto with vanilla?!

  45. I recommend Cysteine (usually available as N-Acetyl-Cystein), B1, Vitamin C — 500 mg of each. These can be taken while drinking (most effective) or even the morning after. They have no effect on how drunk you get, just how hungover you feel the next day. B1 and Vitamin C are classics. Cystein delivers sulfer which is needed in glutathione which processes acetaldehyde which is the breakdown product of alcohol. Acetaldehyde is somewhat toxic (though we normally have some floating around) and is a big part of hangovers.

    I can’t speak to your particular digestive issues, but this combination plus a liter of water will cure all but the most serious hangover, and you can always raise the dose several fold if needed.

  46. What flavors are next? TheraFlu cinnamon apple? Cherry vanilla NyQuil?

  47. OK, I’ve been to a LOT of blogs today. In fact, I’ve been surfing blogs all day long (from 7:00am to 2:40pm so far….) and let me tell you this post takes the cake. Who would’ve thought… Pepto Bismol ice cream?

    Well, I really dig people with unique ideas.

  48. There is another cure for a hangover that is very well known in Scotland where it is the countries second drink after whisky of course. it’s called irn bru Known as Iron Brew (made in scotland from girders)

  49. I am 55 now, but my very first memory was laying on a bed as an infant and staring at a bright pink object on the bedside chest of drawers….A bottle of Pepto-Bismol.

    I still find that color of pink soothing!

  50. Since Ben & Jerry’s is owned by Procter & Gamble’s arch nemesis, Unilever, I fear that a B&J’s Pepto ice cream is sadly very unlkely.

  51. Pepto-Bismol is just a formulation, the active substance (bismuth-oxide- salicylate or galate) is not protected. Nothings stops you or Walgreens from making a knockoff. So Ben & Jerry can proceed with their miraculous hangover cure without P&G approval, as long as they don’t call it Pepto-Bismol.

    One word of advice: Greasy and salty food is good for hangover (if you manage not to barf it up) and fatty food also mixes well with alcohol during partying. Sugar is bad – it competes with alcohol for the same enzymes and tired dehydrogenase = bad hangover. (Have you ever noticed that sweet liquors and desert wines are nastiest hangover-makers?) So, if I were you, I would reduce sugar content in the hangover icecream and maybe add some caffeine and B-vitamins to it.

  52. “crème anglaise”, clearly means ‘English Cream’, and as a previous poster pointed it out it as a French attempt at custard.

    Bloody yanks!

  53. lookout…. the marketers are sniffing ’round already……

  54. You could always mix the cause with the solution. Vodka and pepto? Maybe a nice kalua cocktail?

    And I agree with the grease and salt cure – nothing beats a McDonald’s hash browns, if you can get up that early.

  55. Jon: McDonalds? eugh, c’mon, raise your standards, man! kalua is a great idea, though. I bought some of those DIY icepop stick things and decided to have a few experiments…the first I tried was white russian, but my mix must have been wrong, as it stayed a bit sloppy and had to spoon it out. Ice cream a la Fraser style like that would be prapper.

    The most successful ice pops I make are gin and tonic with a little bit of chopped lemon or lime. Great way to use up your flat tonic and its quite bizzzare getting pissed on an ice lolly. They go down really well at barbeques.

  56. If you have never experienced a hangover, you have never drank enough…

  57. Thank God I’m not the only one who’s been shitting through the eye of a needle of late!!!

  58. Drink some water!!!!!!
    You won’t need your freakish chemical concoction. Hangovers are due to dehydration. Rehydrate yourself using good ole’ fashioned H2O or some Gatorade/Pedialyte… You’ll be feeling better in no time.

  59. robotussin ice cream can’t be too far behind!

  60. Cripes Frase! How does being farked compare to the B3taing you had some time ago (giant scotch egg i think?!).
    As for the difference between lamb and hogget, lamb is up to a year old, hogget between 1 and 2 years. HFW would be ashamed!! Go back and read the first few chapters of your meat bible again!!
    I find a full english will kill a hang over, a full english ice cream probably wouldn’t look as good as your pepto-bismol. Martin’s Pies of Exeter do a breakfast pie though which would do the trick though. Sausage, Bacon, Tomato all held together with a nice egg cupped with a short crust pastry. That’s what I call a cure!!

  61. Dearest Fraser, make me some Gaviscon and Milk of Magnesia sorbet and I will be impressed!
    PS: I still want to jump your bones even though you’re 40 and clearly falling apart round the edges.

  62. You keep saying that, but I simply don’t believe you.

  63. Why Fraser, tis true! I may require bromide in my coffee and a KY-jelly lolly to help me recover!
    PS: Obviously I won’t eat said lolly.

  64. My grandparents had a PB pink bathroom when I was very very young, and my Uncle used to swear that it actually helped.

  65. whatever you do, please keep Robitussin away from my pancakes. The stuff is brutal.

  66. Has anyone noticed the blackening effect that pepto bismol has on poo? Not really the side effect I would look for in an ice cream- however immodium seems to do the same job without the discolouration and comes in handy caplets of powder which would be quick and easy to crack open and sprinkle into the dessert mix- although Im thinking it might work better with Angel Delight (not sure if you have this in the US… its a whippy dreamy dairy dessert)… or even better there are immodium meltlets in a lemon flavour which could make a fabulous sorbet accompaniment.

  67. Would it be stretching the bounderies of medicini-confectionary-ing if you replace the sugar with some sort of sweetener? Canderel or sweet`n`low perhaps? Or have I dared gone too far? lol. I`m diabetic, ya see. Just a thought.


  69. You want the best hangover cure ever? I am 24 and love to party. A buddy gave me a bottle of this magic potion called “CloseCall”. Here is what I found…. The shot removed all the booze from my breath (I smelled like I never drank or smoked). I thought that was killer but best was yet to come. When I woke up I knew I would hurt and it was to most amazing thing, I felt like I neve drank. I am a true believer and take “CloseCall” with me everywhere. The product is hard to find though so I buy it in bulk off the website ( Take it from me … this stuff ROCKS.


  70. i love your site. only having found it recently, i find it a great source of entertainment during the idle hours at work.

  71. There is another cure for a hangover that is very well known in european countries where it is the countries second drink after whisky of course.

  72. Your Italian fan base is quite worried for your health conditions and your scarce online activity in recent times. Please raise your hand and show you’re safe :-)

    (I have the opposite problem – I get mildly but clearly drunk by the first half pint of beer)

  73. Im really drunk at the moment. :P
    For some reason i thought itd be fun to look up hangover cures, ysee its my birthday and i know ill feel like shit tomorrow morning. :P Nice concoction, totally something ID do.

  74. looks like vannela ice cream. i wouldn’t use it just yet. but let scientist test it there data is more accurate. and they can see and tell when there is a change in your diatery.

  75. cool idea..

    acidic ketone bodies are produced from excessive alcohol drinking. When too much of organic acids are present, the result is Metabolic acidosis. Acidosis symptoms = drowsiness, confusion, disorientation and/or stupor: if blood pH falls below 6.8 for excess amounts of time.. nervous system becomes severely depressed with coma and death following soon.

    to off set acidosis our we take antacids, e.g., pepto bismol

    Excessive intake of bicarbonates (bases) e.g., pepto bismol, may cause alkalosis. If blood pH exceeds 8.0 nervous system becomes overexcited and cause muscle spasms, tetany, and/or convulsions with death following soon from respiratory arrest.

    so this may be a good remedy, but i would certainly be aware of the dosage.

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  77. Sound Yummy!!!
    I love it. You’re great.

  78. It looks great but I’m not so sure about the taste…….. Vrey creative

  79. you are a genius ;]

  80. jeste? super dawidzie

  81. Who thought of that!!!!!

  82. Hi Sam! Photos i send on e-mail.

  83. I’ve been having all kinds of indigestion problems lately so I decided to try making this. In order to make it as easy as possible to digest I used: Lactaid milk (lowfat), half and half, and of course sugar, vanilla, and a bottle of pepto-bismol. I pretty much used the same proportions in my recipe, but didn’t go to the trouble of making crème anglaise. Anyway, the result tasted pretty good, although it didn’t seem to neutralize the stomach as well as I’d hoped. Interestingly enough, mine seemed to come out looking even pinker than the one on this page, despite my lack of red food coloring.

  84. I don’t even get stomach problems, just the mental daze, but it didn’t stop me from sending a link of your blog to 50 friends who could use it

  85. Pepto Bismol, which I love, is flavored by wintergreen. So….if you made wintergreen ice cream it would be similar….

  86. Talk to a toxicologist, a pharmacologist, or a chemist about heating & freezing’s effects on the ingredients in Pepto. Since you do both in order to make the ice cream, make sure that either or both don’t render it ineffective. And the post that warns about dosage is absolutely right, even when you’re not taking Pepto in ice cream form: don’t OD. Dying or being otherwise damaged isn’t good.

  87. “Pretty much the first person I have ever encountered with the same ‘non-hangover’ response to alcohol as me!”

    Try getting old, dude! It sucks. I’m getting the pepto-bismal…

  88. Just enjoy some fine homebrew, and drink the yeast at the bottom of the first couple bottles. Contains B vitamins. Milder hangovers every time.

  89. Brilliant!

    Not sure if anyone’s mentioned this, but the reason you’re not supposed to freeze Pepto-Bismol (and then subsequently defrost) is it will break the emulsion. Thus turning a homogenous, smooth liquid into a watery, curdled goo. This won’t resemble something you want to ingest, and won’t perform the “coat” part of “coat, soothe, and relieve” as well.

    P&G Customer Relations isn’t allowed to tell you that because it’s against Federal law for them to suggest using an OTC medication in a manner other than what is approved. Fortunately, I am not with P&G, and neither are you.

    Since you are effectively re-emusifying the Pepto in yummy cream (which begs to be frozen) instead of methylcellulose (which breaks down upon freezing), I think your Sub-Zero Pepto would be just fine.

  90. No tengo uan maquina para hacer helado, pero lo intentare.

    I have no ice cream maker but ill try to do it.
    thank u.


  92. wow, i sure missed this one for “weird ice cream flavors” — i guess I will have to save it for “weird ice cream flavors part II”. Well done for attempting such a new and different flavor!

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  94. wow this was random. i was google ing to see if drinking pepto the same day i drank alchohol would have any bad side effects and i found this! this was amusing and made me forget my stomach ache for a while :)

  95. What a great idea! I’ve never liked the milky texture of Pepto-Bismol, so I would love to get my hands on some of that tasty looking pink ice cream =)

  96. that looks crazy, but I’m going to make some with my friends.

  97. no hangover for months

    This is a great idea…… I don’t really enjoy cooking or making homemade ice cream either..
    The idea of Pepto Ice Cream sounds cool for hangovers..

    I wonder is it possible to make a pepto shake.

  98. i always have stomache aches and i always take pepto

  99. Hello,

    Please start making pepto with sugar and not saccharin! It’s bad enough taking it but no one wants cancer from saccharin.

    i have to take medicine that tears up my stomach and the doc suggested getting pepto. Cherry makes it taste better but the saccharin kills it altogether. Some of us do care about our health. Why kill your customers??

    I hope I see it soon on the shelves in the stores.



  100. As someone who suffers occasionally from quite similar symptoms (though mine are unrelated to alcohol,) I’ve found that cold foods or beverages seem to help settle the stomach somewhat. I have no idea why, but in my imagination it’s as if the cold is causing all the little, angry receptors (or what have you, I’m not well-versed in medicine or biology) in my stomach to close up, so that they aren’t getting quite as irritated, and, thus are less angry, which makes me happier. For a time.

    I have also become something of a Pepto-Bismal connoisseur – ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES – they taste awful! The idea of combining the cold and the pepto never would have occurred to me, so while I’m sorry to hear you have to suffer such an unfair penalty for a few hours of heightened fun, I am glad that you’re at least creative enough to come up with a way to do cold and pepto together, and make trying to fix the digestive anomalies in a rather amusing, fun way!

    I’ll definitely have to give this a try :)

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    put the cheese in the middle n whuddaya get?… macaroni macaroni macaroni macaroni. i like yer icecream invention
    is great.

  107. ok we all know that medicine analy inserted works in a jiffy.. so i was wondering if u could whip up a pepto lube recipe for when me n my boytoy are making the bang boom. the cooling tingle would be great. totes!

  108. Yikes! Pepto Bismal and ice cream means you won’t poop for a week! Tomorrow better follow up with prune sorbet.

  109. Of course, if you drink beer—real beer, not that horsepiss Obama swills—the best beer to drink AND avoid a hangover is one rich in brewer’s yeast. Commercial brands typically filter the yeast out of their beer at the end of the brewing process, and you lose valuable yeast AND Vitamin B-12 when you let commercial brewers filter your beer. A good choice would be a Shiner Hefe-Weizen. It’s a smooth brew, with a spoonful of yeast in every bottle.

    Yeah, I drink it all the time. I never get a hangover. Even after drinking AND performing karaoke.

  110. Wouldn’t it have been easier to pour the Pepto over some vanilla ice cream?

  111. Inventive idea. However, if you want a real hangover cure then look no further than the Mexican part of town. On Saturday and Sunday mornings there will usually be a small grocery store or restaurant selling a concoction called Menudo (this is where the boy band got its name). DO NOT ask what is in it; you don’t want to know. Eat a bowl of it garnished with chopped onion and a squeeze of lemon juice and not only will your hangover symptoms go away but you’ll be ready to party again.

  112. Did you retype the CR reply and leave out the “only *be* used” (honest mistake), or did Christine make a typo in her reply to you (horrible mistake for a large corporation to make)? 2nd = oy vey.

  113. I swear to god if this works I will find you and kiss you on the mouth…

  114. lol. fun reciped, but too much work!

    Think I will just stick with my Brioschi for hang overs!

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  117. Magnus O'Magnussen

    Dude, you should sue Saturday Night Live for their Pepto Bismol Ice ad parody this past weekend. Yeah, they left off one word, but it’s the same idea I tell ya! I bet they even used your recipe for the commercial shoot!

  118. If you’ve never had a hangover, you barely drink and 14 drinks in one night is NOTHING. Most suffer the issues from a regular hangover being poorly hydrated etc. More overweight people don’t have as much of a problem from the excess fluids they typically carry and people who eat healthy all the time then drink also seldom experience a hangover. Wanna feel it? Finish off a 750ml of a hard liquor like vodka, add anything else and you’ve got yourself a hangover guarantee. Oh and when I say healthy eater, that means NO coffee/energy drinks/soda etc, tea is a healthy eaters only caffeine fluid.

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