Bollocks to this, I’m off on holiday.

Actually, I should have posted this last week, as in reality I’ve just returned from this year’s annual trek to a tinpot dictatorship. Yes indeed: little more than 24 hours ago I was drinking a glass of the splendidly branded Berk beer with a policeman in a hotel bar in Daşoguz, northern Turkmenistan.

Reports and photographs to follow.


  1. Yay! You’re back. Show us pictures this instant!

  2. Did you go to A?gabat? I really hope you got to see the giant, revolving golden statue of old wossisface, the Turkmenba?i.

    …Niyazov, isn’t it?

  3. Sounds like fun. I am going to the somewhat more conventional Rome on Monday!

  4. What’s wrong with Majorca i say

  5. Nice Fras. Your photos look like those from a Lonely Planet issue (that is actually a compliment).

    When are you heading back downunder, I could possibly organise a tinpot dictator to greet you and show you the sites?

  6. With Koryo again?

  7. Lucky for you the world is so full of tinpot dictatorships these days — exciting holiday destinations for decades to come.

  8. Stephanie of Oregon

    I’m sure you can spare a few moments from your busy life of travel and enjoyment of refreshing beverages to give the masses a *real* update?

  9. Were you able to obtain correctly sized trousers in that country?

  10. … better still: a Borat style mankini?

  11. Oh do fuck off. What is so wrong with two weeks in Torremolinos like the rest of us?

  12. i’m intrigued by that photo with the doors. what’s with the doors?

  13. They’re for sale. It’s the door stall at the market.

  14. King Fork in MO, USA

    Sooooo…what did your friends in Turkmenistan think of your pork recipes?
    Just thought I’d ask.

  15. Three more days, and “El Fraso” will not have posted a blog entry for a calendar month . . . . a worrying development for lovers of this modern-day Boswell’s prose. We, the undersigned, demand post-age!

  16. C’mon Fraser, you’re public has spoken…post,post,post,post,post,post,post,post,etc.

    We want to know all about Turkmenistan!!

  17. Dear Fraser,

    While waiting for the Turkmenistan saga I tried to console myself with Cats In Sinks…

    Quel horreur! No kitties! (connection times out)

    I once thought the internet was mainly for porn, but that was before I found catsinsinks.com

    I know, I know, look at kittenwar, but it’s not the same…

  18. Merde! We’re waiting for these photos!!

  19. fraser, are you still alive?
    hope to hear from you soon, with a weird christmasdinner, turkmenistan memorabilia and some cool links.

    I miss reading blogjam

  20. I see that you fed Saparmurat Niyazov some of your innovative cooking.