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Office Romance

New from the man behind the brilliant TV Go Home: The first episode of Office Romance, an animation featuring Bob and Hoskins, two rodent-like creatures of uncertain origin. Available now at (Works much better with IE).

The history of popular music is littered with great double acts or partnerships – Jagger/Richards, Lennon/McCartney, Sinatra/Hazlewood, Tufnell/St.Hubbins – the list goes on. Now a new force is on the horizon, threatening to outshine and outlive anything previously seen or heard. Yep, it’s Eminem VS Bob The Builder.

Now this is just silly.

Off to Antwerp

Tonight I’m flying off to Antwerp to spend the weekend with Dave Roozendaal. It’ll be the first time I’ve met a fellow blogger in the flesh (I’ve met Dave before, but at the time he wasn’t blogging), so I expect we’ll spend the weekend boring each other stupid. Reports will follow. The most concerning aspect of the trip is that I’m flying via an airline I’ve never heard of, and landing at an Airport Dave thought had closed down. Bon Voyage.


ctrl/alt/delete… CRASH

ctrl/alt/delete… CRASH

ctrl/alt/delete… CRASH

I’ve had a bad couple of days on my creaky old PC, and it may be time to re-install Windows. Grrrr. So that’s why I haven’t posted the last couple of days, and why I’m gonna keep this post short, in case everything goes blank again. So, while you’re waiting for me some contribute something constructive, here’s a few URLs I’ve just been sent.

Women with Antlers! (Thanks, Simon).
Masturbation! (Thanks again, Simon, but why do you think I need it?)
An online colouring book! (Thanks, Laura).

Now don’t let anyone tell you I don’t cover a useful breadth of subject matter.

Satpal Ram

Today’s Independent reveals that prisoner and cause celebre Satpal Ram is just days away from finding out if his conviction for the 1986 killing of Clarke Pearce will be returned to the Court Of Appeal. Ram, who has always claimed that he was defending himself in the face of a racist attack, has garnered support from a wide range of sources, including The National Civil Rights Movement, musicians Asian Dub Foundation, Apache Indian, Chumbawamba and Primal Scream, plus poet Benjamin Zephaniah. Ram’s solicitor, Gareth Pierce, who also represented The Birmingham Six and The Guildford Four, says “What is now available could have and should have been found at the time. It is what a jury needed to know to … find him not guilty of murder.”


The last pornographic post I’ll do in a while, as I’m beginning to feel a little sordid: It struck me that someone should combine the Internet’s biggest success story with it’s hottest new application. Too late! Is nothing sacred?

Annabel Chong

More pornography: “Given that they were recruited through porn mags, weren?t you at all concerned that the men would turn out to be revolting, rancid weirdos? “Oh, they were rather revolting, some of them. But the whole point of the entire exercise was not to pick out 251 studs. It?s more like the idea of the UN.” Spike Magazine talks to Annabel Chong, and reveals her rather forlorn story. Perhaps the only people more tragic are the 251 males who queued up to take their turn during the world’s largest on-camera gang-bang.

Dial-the-Truth Ministries

Jesus H. Christ. These guys are really scary. “Welcome to Dial-the-Truth Ministries. We are a Christian resource ministry. Our purpose is presenting the truth and exposing error with the light of the Word of God, with emphasis on The King James Bible, prophecy and Christian music. We stand on the sole authority of the King James Bible (AV 1611).” It all sounds perfectly innocent until you take a closer look, and discover their views on The Beatles. And on rock in general. And on celebrity lifestyle. Or on Britney, N’Sync et al. Or on just about everything. Or on anything else they haven’t already mentioned. It’s this sort of “Christian” right-wing fundamentalist bigotry which leads to unbelievable stories like the one in today’s Independent concerning teenager Brandi Blackbear, suspended from school in Oklahoma for practicing witchcraft. Having once spent three hours in Oklahoma City bus station waiting for a Greyhound connection and encountering more casual racism and bigotry in that short period than in the rest of my life put together, I’m not surprised that it happens. Wow – I’ll probably burn in Hell now. Mind you, being Christian, the good people at the Dial-the-Truth Ministries are sure to forgive me for what I’ve said. (via my dayjob). Sorry boss.