gun laws

Gun talk is so very macho. In Illinois, according to local law, it appears one has to “rack the slide” at some point when attempting to comply with gun concealment regulations. In the example shown, our hero attempts to “deploy the weapon without looking down and be able to keep my eyes on the threat”. One day this man will shoot himself in the foot.

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  1. In regards to Illinois Gun Law. NO ONE except Police,Military(national guard)Corrections Officers,Sheriffs and Armed Security Officers can “carry” a gun. You may own a gun you may buy bullets,you may WEAR it on your property(while in possession of a valid FOID Card)you may keep it in your house for protection,but joe Citizen CANNOT carry a gun on the street anywhere in the State of Illinois.Oddly enough Obama wants to take our guns. you can have mine Barrack….bullets first.