such is life

It was all setting up to be a pretty good evening. A few beers, some old friends, some new friends, the right result followed by a decent band, then I stumble home and go to bed. Reality of course begs to differ, as I stumble home to find myself burgled. DVD player? Gone. PS2? Gone. 50 Playstation games? Gone. Digital Camera? Gone. Hand stiched from the finest Italian cloth and only worn twice Hugo Boss suit? Gone. Insured? Of course not. Fuck.


  1. fuck indeed. probably smackheads.

  2. Oh God, that’s awful. How did they get in? You live on, like, the sixth floor or something, right? Just round the corner from me, worryingly.

  3. that’s terrible. i’m so sorry! i was burgled twice in one month a few years ago, and i didn’t have insurance either. fortunately i had very little of any value.

    here’s some advice: please arrange for insurance BEFORE you start replacing stuff. if it’s smackheads, they’ll call in again in a few weeks (that’s when most people have had everything replaced by the insurance).

    you may want to keep an eye on the shop formerly known as cash converters, on kilburn high road. stolen things have a way of turning up in shops like that.

  4. The “perps” climbed up the fire escape and forced a window open (even though it had a window lock). I guess I’m lucky to have lived in London for 15 years and not previously suffered, but it’s small consolation. As well as the cash-converters I’ll also be checking out the Computer Games shop on the High Rd… Grrrr.

  5. shit. sorry to hear that. maybe take marcia’s advice and invest in some insurance before replacing stuff…

  6. Fuck…that’s awful, man. I guess that’s the one good thing about owning a car — since insurance is mandatory, most auto insurers will tack renter’s insurance on for a song.

    Friend of mine came up with a really brilliant idea that you might want to try. You know those motion sensors that are all the rage these days? He got a few and had them wired to a simple smoke detector, such that when someone comes in by the door or window when he’s out it emits an utterly ear-piercing shriek that frightens off all but the most determined burglers. Smackheads, in general, do not fall into this category…

  7. Unbelievable. Well, I mean, of course it’s believable, but shit like this is only supposed to happen to strangers on TV and in the papers. Not to people you know and especially not to people you like. So, absolutely: Fuck.

  8. it was me and im a smackhead. your suit is coverd in smack i got from selling your ps2. i love smack and i love stealing stuff to support my smack addiction. ill be back you rich cunt to take anything else that you might have and sell it for smack.

    the smackhead