robot cat

I so much want a Robot Cat. I live on the fifth floor, without a garden, and firmly believe that (real) cats should be free to go out and mingle with nature, hunt small defenseless animals etc. So a robot is perfect. Over the long-term, they’re probably cheaper than real cats… no food to buy, and no litter trays to clean. So I’m seriously thinking of placing an order when they’re made available outside Japan. When I was in Tokyo last year, I saw some metallic robot dogs in action, and they were incredible. There were four tables set up on the top floor of a department store, each containing dogs of various “ages” although they were all the same size. The mannerisms and body movement were just wonderful, just what you’d expect from, say, a six week old puppy or a fifteen year old hound, depending on which table was being looked at.


  1. Think I have to side with the posters at /usr/bin/glr/ — the eyes are creepy.

  2. I don’t like the new ones so much… they’re more advanced technically, but are too Japanese-cutesy-cartooney for my tastes…

  3. The Necoro are no longer available, but there is another robot cat coming out in August 7th. Called Near Me. It is taken after Necoro and the site has video clips of the cats in action. They are really cool. type in the search near me and you’ll see some stores that carry them. All you need is to find someone that can import the cat to you. I preorded my tabby already!

  4. hey can you give me the site you ordered your cat off of ?cause i want to get one


  5. I am selling two for my sister. They are on ebay now. Just put in a search for near me cats and they should come right up.