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my kind of time-wasting

“Shot vertically, a potato can fly well beyond 15,000 feet.” If I had the time and enough money not to worry, this is exactly the sort of project I’d like to be involved with — the ongoing project to create the world’s largest potato gun. [via brainrub, in turn found via the beautifully designed static magic.] Note to self: must redesign blogjam so it works in browsers other than IE. Christ, it doesn’t even work in IE 6.0…

bad art

“I’ve scoured the United States for the past several years seeking the most appallingly bad art I could find. I think I’ve succeeded, but you be the judge. From the exquisitely bad ‘Carousel Nun, to the bummer- trip ‘Eye-yi-yi,’ to the grotesquely sentimental ‘Orange Maiden’, let me take you on a journey, to the most disturbing, compellingly bad art of our time. I purchased most of these pieces for about $5 – $10, but will make them available to you, the collector, for much, much more!” Charles Saatchi, get your wallet out.


“It has been an enourmous pleasure to decode this Alien Message, and I feel a great sense of accomplishment. I only hope that my contribution to science brings us in fact closer to science and the understanding of this vast Universe we live in, with neighbors closer than they may seem possible. It is purely arrogant and in fact ignorant to believe we are alone here. We are not, and we made contact.” Woohoo! Why hasn’t this been on the news? We’ve made contact! We’re not alone! We’re all going to die! Hold on, it doesn’t matter… we’re all going to die anyhow! Bring it on, alien bitch. Fraser’s waiting, and he’s not happy! Actually, I am happy. Confused, perhaps, but happy. Now I’m rambling. Better stop.

robot cat

I so much want a Robot Cat. I live on the fifth floor, without a garden, and firmly believe that (real) cats should be free to go out and mingle with nature, hunt small defenseless animals etc. So a robot is perfect. Over the long-term, they’re probably cheaper than real cats… no food to buy, and no litter trays to clean. So I’m seriously thinking of placing an order when they’re made available outside Japan. When I was in Tokyo last year, I saw some metallic robot dogs in action, and they were incredible. There were four tables set up on the top floor of a department store, each containing dogs of various “ages” although they were all the same size. The mannerisms and body movement were just wonderful, just what you’d expect from, say, a six week old puppy or a fifteen year old hound, depending on which table was being looked at.

url url url

Blogjam clearing house: because I’m lazy, here’s some worthwhile URLs I’ve come across recently, without description or fanfare. Apologies if I haven’t credited the source, but I can’t remember where I found them.

1. The Liposuctionator


moslem? muslem?

So there I was, determined to buff up on World knowledge after my last post, clumsily navigating my way to I’m now more confused than ever.