i’m back

I’m back. Blogjam now sits on a spanking new Unix server instead of the clunky old NT one, and the kittens have returned to their rightful owner. Thanks to Dave for looking after them these last few weeks.

The only major problem I had with the shift seems to be that I’ve lost the last seven or eight entries I made. One of them was a stupid new feature, my tribute to Edward Munch’s Scream. It needs volume.


  1. !

    Peaceful Sunday evening at my computer, my cat Leo napping happily on my lap. Against my better judgement, decided to check out Scream.

    Leo awakened quite abruptly (to put it mildly). Thanks for shaking things up around here… we needed that! Leo has calmed down now & I’ll be OK too, after some minor plastic surgery.


  2. Another satisfied customer. Thanks.