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zoe stern

I’m sitting at home watching this year’s Brit awards and a thought has just struck. Is it just me, or does Zoe Ball look like Howard Stern in a blonde wig?

bad at school

I was always a little bit cheeky at school, but never anything like this.

here’s my rubbish

Blogjam clearing house: here’s some links I’ve made note of over the last few days, many of which (if not all) have most likely been featured already on other weblogs, possibly months ago. I’m so October 2001, me.

1. Bodyperk’s nipple enhancers. A must-have for the nippley-challenged.

2. An photo gallery documenting travellers exposing their butts in scenic locations throughout North America.

3. Gay sexual positions, acted out by dolls. And yes, there’s a lesbian section.

4. Do you think the world will end in 2003? Had a dream that the little fella out of Pop Idol will miraculously recover the gift of speech? Leave your prophecies at the prediction registry.

5. The sixth international browser day. Sounds like fun.

6. McDonald’s recipes as they used to be. In other words, before the introduction of the Unhappy Meal

7. “PizzaZone is a free service that helps people decide what sort of pizza to order. You and your friends enter your preferences (which we’ll remember for next time if you all create accounts first), and we’ll tell you what to order, based on who likes what, how much they’re planning to eat, and the menu of the place you’re ordering from.” Put another way, it’s home delivery for the gastronomically stupid.

8. Yet another site based on amihotornot, part 1.

9. Yet another site based on amihotornot, part 2.

10. The Iranian Ace Of Base fanclub. Seriously.

11. Everyone has a website. Even The International Natural Sausage Casing Association.

i’m back

I’m back. Blogjam now sits on a spanking new Unix server instead of the clunky old NT one, and the kittens have returned to their rightful owner. Thanks to Dave for looking after them these last few weeks.

The only major problem I had with the shift seems to be that I’ve lost the last seven or eight entries I made. One of them was a stupid new feature, my tribute to Edward Munch’s Scream. It needs volume.


“The Sensation Zone is, essentially, a place where you can go to have sex with complete strangers. Think of it as a fitness center where, instead of exercising, patrons engage in intercourse.” Where do I sign up?

toys R russian

Can you imagine if Toys R Us was a) was based in Russia, and b) only admitted those over 18? I can.