1. Hah!

    I think it proves, however, that unlike kittens, Morrissey is not a universal language… :)

  2. Que?

    Nature is language, can’t you read?

  3. ahh,

    very nice

    very nice

    very nice

    very nice….

    but maybe in the next world

    maybe in the next world

  4. Ohla! I enjoy your random kitten generator very much. While you’re on the subject of taking things, I just wanted to say that I borrowed a kitten pic to put in my FOD description. If you want me to take it down, just email me. Uhm… just thought I’d let you know.

  5. Rachel — you’re more than welcome to take a kitten. To be honest, I stole them all in the first place. If by spreading kittens round The Internet we can make the World a better place, however, then I think this small crime can be overlooked.

  6. doesn’t the bottom of your page say “…feel free to steal anything. Honest.”? maybe you should include an anti-morissey exception to this clause.

  7. Perhaps I’m not really angry. Perhaps I’m just pretending… it could be that I actively encouraged the building of the Morrissey generator… who knows?