i want to work at microsoft

Some people just want a job in computers. Others are more specific, for instance if they want to work for Microsoft. And then there are those who really, and I mean really, want to work for Microsoft and literally nothing else will do.


  1. gosh what a complete arse head!

  2. I work for Microsoft

  3. You work for Microsoft. Buy why the anonymity? I do work for Microsoft every week and I’m not ashamed… well, maybe a little.

  4. I don’t want to work for micrsoft, well maby some day I will im only 13 years old. I want to e-mail the microsoft games copany. because I have a great idea on a comuter game. so if anyone that works for microsoft can hear what I have to say e-mail me at tgbarrett60@msn.com please I have been looking for a way to tell a game copany my idea.

  5. Hi ,

    I just want to let some know about to put game playing on any cnc machine while working time .
    cause I operated some cnc while working and during time to wait to check some production part ……..
    However ,just let to know alittle bit idea maby you will put some more ………..thing idea…..ok
    not crazy
    c u l .

  6. At age 54, I’m a complete virgin to computers, but I am also an engineer, working with sliderules and other ancient tech. I propose several things, including a special version of Windows that is so user-friendly that it is designed for the janitor, who is mentally retarded. I propose to be a guinea pig, essentially volunteering to test software for the ever-growing older citizen market. If I can get paid, plus remain in San Diego, that’s great. I routinely come up with out-of-the-box ideas, which is pretty much what all engineers do for a living. My email is my international amateur radio callsign, which identifies me worldwide on the shortwave bands. I have also taught electronics, and written many programs in “basic”, back when I had a Texas Instruments TI-99-4A. Remember that one? I wish to keep my barely-profitable heating and air conditioning business in extreme east San Diego. Theoretically, one can work for MSN from anywhere, due to the Internet. I have recently observed a lot of nastiness going on between search engines and also between ISPs. At one point, my cell phone got hacked, losing me my directory! Everyone legitimately in this business needs to keep from bringing it all down. I have never sent an e-mail to a big company before, and only learned how recently. Please forward this to the secretary of Mr. Gates. I have no idea how to do that, but I’m sure you do. I am way outside the box, a “no” man, but have 36+ years as a COO. I have way more comments on intentional malicious interference with the web, and where some of it is coming from. Sorry to be long-winded; I’m a published author. John A. Kitchin

  7. I am only 13 too and i too hope for a job at microsoft someday in the future i have always loved to work with computers and play with computer software and it would be awsome if i could acually have a job doing it.

  8. I need a product key for microsoft office, but i don’t have the box for the disc, i was told to e-mail microsoft to get a product key
    Can you helP??