i’m upset

I’m upset, and it seems that others are upset too. Some time ago Graham put together a page featuring a motley collection of passport photos from a number of UK webloggers. Then the Richmond Informer, a no-doubt well-respected local newspaper, produced a recruitment advert using a selection of the pictures without asking permission from any of those involved. Meg relates the story, as she’s one of the aggrieved parties, but I can’t help but feel miffed that they chose not to include my image. What’s wrong with it? Is it because they don’t think I have a “vibrant personality and loads of confidence”? Although I’ve got plenty of sympathy for the others that were chosen, I fear I may have to sue for defamation of character…

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  1. I think it’s the hair. It makes you outshine everyone else. As I’ve mentioned before, I am convinced you’re destined for glamour and fame, and “field sales bla bla” is just… not. You know, they realized if they had *you* in there, it would seem fake, because surely you wouldn’t have such a lameass job.
    Why aren’t you plugging my wonderful, updated site? Tsk tsk tsk.