god portal

New on blogjam: I was bored, so I made a God Portal. I’m hoping that, over time, it’ll become a major Christian resource (it’s better with sound).

Bless you.


  1. I also beleive in God and have faith that if we all truly folowed ‘his’ way then we would all be better off. The difference is however, that I am a Muslim, I beleive in the same God as a Jew and a Christian, they are my brotehrs, All I need now, is for the brothers within and without my religion to remember this and stop effing killin g each other!

  2. this site is the dumbest thing ever made and ps there is NO god just so you know

  3. Was the MIDI *really* necessary?

  4. thank you fraser, i needed that

  5. Oh the sound is what makes it brilliant. But god, Fraser, you scared me.

  6. go god, you rock, keep up creation.

  7. oh, god – for a couple of seconds i thought you really MEAN that.

  8. Love the new digs.

    Commenters for Christ!