new design

I’ve redesigned, and it’s currently a complete mess, so kindly forgive all the broken pages, design flaws and missing links while I get everything fixed. In the meantime, you can try and beat my best score of 23 on the miniputt golf game that’s been everywhere recently.


  1. At least this bit seems to work

  2. How the ? did you get 23?

  3. Practice, practice, practice. My average is about 27, I guess.

  4. don’t suppose that practice would include right clicking – going ‘back’ to beginning of hole to retry a hole in 1 would it?

    cus that’s the only bleedin’ way I’m gonna get anywhere close!

  5. You can do that? Jeez…. I honestly never knew. There is a technique on every hole, but there’s no cheating involved…

  6. Now that I look more closely at it, I’m thinking this whole “comments above” thing is a bit harder to follow than I thought at first blush…

  7. It’ll make more sense when I get the page design working. I hope.