a situation

There’s a situation a-brewin’ outside my office. Someone has taken hostages in the American Express building round the corner and the street is cordoned off. A few minutes ago I popped out for a cigarette and the only vehicles let into the road were three unmarked vans containing lots of plain clothes carrying handguns. Now we’re not allowed to leave our building by the front door at all.

[update]: According to this report, he has a bomb strapped to his chest. I might have to go down there and sort this out myself.

[update 2]: Panic over. No-one hurt. We can breathe again.

[update 3]: Perhaps not. We’re being evacuated.

[update 4]: Suspect package removed. No-one hurt.

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  1. all of that to get an early pint on a thursday??
    ‘should do that more often, what will be our next scheme?