george nekkid

There’s a photo floating round the internet pupporting to be George W. Bush naked, taken some time in the seventies. If it’s a fake it’s a good one, although I suspect it’s a lookalike snapped recently. The facial hair is too nineties, too Brad Pitt, but I’d love to be wrong. What do you think? (not safe for work)

Judging by the picture, George is the sort of fellow who might wear a Man Hood, “an undergarment that acts as a foreskin substitute.” No, really.


  1. I tried to have a look on that man hood…but the download failed. may be you can take a photo of yours and show us?

  2. the eyes do look as though they’ve been C&P’d in. it is a good fake.

  3. it is a fake.

  4. if that was him, he was hot.


  5. It’s a fake. The size should be no larger than a toothpick as it has to match that of his brain.

  6. well it is seemingly real, though chances are their it is a fake. but i do hope it is real.ooooooh, the dic of his was really a dash. i must request the sponsors of ”google” to submit more such photos of the US president naked. thank you!!!!!

  7. the photo is superb.thank u!!!!!

  8. The photo is a probabibly a fake. But it is a good one.

  9. I do not believe that that is g w bush been. One naked and who has photographs? Do you believe president Bush were real?