I am truly sorry for what I am about to post. I like to think of myself as being reasonably PC, but this will possibly damage that reputation. Some fifteen entries ago I asked the question: “Is This the best World Cup Ever?” I tend to think that it is, but boy, does this reinforce it. Hubba hubba.


  1. Never been much of a sport fan, but I’m starting to see the attraction…

  2. Frase, a lot of those pictures are in fact, how do you say it in numedia circles…….. ah yes chicks with dicks.

  3. Why would anyone _want_ a PC reputation? Far from chicks with dicks, I see a lot of photos of pretty girls looking very happy. Is this something people are supposed to be embarrassed about liking to see? I’m confused.

    And the football was dull, I’m sorry. If only we’d let the Americans spice the game up, with wider goalmouths so more goals so none of this nil-nil, one-nil crap. They may have invented PC, but they understand fun too.