my music

Months after I first saw it put to use on Dave’s site, I finally got round to installing blogamp, a nifty little programme that displays what tracks I’m listening to on my PC in real time. The list can be seen on the right hand side of this page, down there… that’s it… down a bit… you’ve got it. Clever stuff eh?


  1. Ooh! “Unknown artist – track one”. My favourite band. Though I’ve always considered track four to be an underrated gem, haven’t you?

  2. Yep, that’s the bug. The time it takes for the Winamp plugin to upload the track details to my server via FTP is often quicker than the time it takes for Winamp to retrieve the CD information from CDDB, so often the first track of a CD is displayed like this…

  3. ha! the problem with blog amp is you have to be very consious of what you are playing otherwise everyone can see when you’re playing a the family cat track and take the piss out of you! ha!

  4. It wasn’t me! It was my flatmate on my home PC. Honest!

  5. fucking crowded house?

  6. Yep. Genius songwriting.

  7. perhaps i just havent lived, but i have no idea who or what vic mizzy is

    so rather than be ignorant and condem something i do not understand,…

    good stuff, keep up the good work, and drive safely

  8. yeah.
    vic mizy
    can’t touch this ….mc hammers version of the adams family.
    and that video…
    chew getmeh.

  9. deftones! sweet

  10. Is someone having a laugh? Phil Collins? Jonathan King? ‘Baby Love’? ‘Now He’s a Puff’? Gosh.

  11. Oh dear. That’s what happens when you go on holiday and someone else uses your PC. Normal service resumed shortly.

  12. Wot…no Nick Drake?


    (Not even on the John Martyn link)

    Apologies if he turns up elsewhwere….I’m just overawed by your blog


  13. Go Bluetones go!

    That is all

  14. Am I imagining it or is that really a genuine cover of Radiohead’s ‘Street Spirit’ by hot new def leppard wannabies The Darkness?

  15. looks like it’s a metal day for fraser, eh? it’s nice to see the classics being represented! i can’t remember the last time i felt compelled to bust out the old manowar lp’s.

  16. As an old man working for a fairly young company I would just like to say to the youngish ,coolish music lovers that bearded blokes who look like Bob Latchford wearing a teacosy or a beeny hat have no place in the rock hall of fame.
    I tell you what ,it just pisses me off,we didn’t fight the punk rock wars for people like this….
    Whole rant inspired by listening to Marquee moon

  17. Fuck he does look like the Latch doesn’t he, he always reminded me more of Kenyo

    *(Roger Kenyon)

  18. wot no finlay?!?!?!?

  19. What was it that you were listening to at the end of last week? (Friday/Saturdayish) I remember Goran Bregovic with Cesaria Evoria, looking at his info on AllMusic, and trying to imagine the collaboration. (and, well, I had had a beer or threeish, and it’s all a bit fuzzy…)

  20. ” B?hse Onkelz
    Erinnerung (## sound.0ne: (?`?. ]ThE OnE aNd oNLy SveN @[ .???) ##) ”

    And where exactly, pray tell, would one find this filed in the racks at Tower Records?

  21. One of the reasons I got an electric violin and started playing in a wannabe punk band was so I could do my own kickass version of Matchstick Men. Their violinist (Morgan?) back in the day used to steal the show in Camper Van concerts.