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Sometimes I suspect that my traffic figures do not accurately reflect of the number of people who visit this site. In the last couple of weeks I’ve had links from ntk, the guardian, slashdot, haddock, moreover newsfeeds and plasticbag, plus a mention on xfm, all of which you’d think would bump up the figures considerably, but for the first time in ages my numbers took a tumble. I’ve decided, therefore, that the only solution is to expand internationally. This has been in the back of my mind for some time, and I’ve been training up a covert blogging protégé to spead the word of blogjam throughtout French-speaking parts of the globe. She’s been doing a pretty good job so far, and today pulled off her first major coup, an interview with RFI, BBC Radio’s equivalent across the channel. In the feature she even manages to squeeze in the quite ludicrous untruth that I was one of the first bloggers in the UK. Well done, Agent X! My European fanbase will surely soar!

Google translation here.

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  1. master master, you may not be the first, but you are the best, therefore considerations about accuracy are perfectly irrelevant.

    (will you give me my passport back now?)