scalpel please

I don’t like long URLs. With so much traffic on the interweb generated by viral messaging, why would any content provider feature an address that exceeds 72 characters, the point at which many mail programmes will wrap a line of text, thus breaking the URL into pieces and making it unclickable? Luckily there’s always been sites around that enable you to turn those unwieldly addresses into nice, compact links for ease of sharing. I’ve used a few myself, but my new favourite is, which also provides a myriad of extra features such as visitor tracking and a very useful email creation interface.

Jeez, sorry about that. I came over all geek for a moment. Here’s a weird Japanese animation featuring a butch looking woman, some aircraft noises, a few vaguely pornographic sound effects, a UFO and eventually some rapidly changing images serving no apparent purpose. Ahhh, that’s better.


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