russian brides

A couple of years ago I spent a few days in Moscow, and remember thinking that apart from the odd toothless and haggard prostitute touting for business around the outskirts of The Kremlin, the Russian woman was generally quite an attractive breed indeed. You can almost understand why some men resort to the mail-order method of courtship, but what really impresses me about some of the services offered is that any niche preference seems to be catered for. Want a Russian amputee wife? It’s really no problem at all.


  1. I think they are lovely. But how sure are we that they are interested in marriage?
    Would they come to Africa?

  2. Hi. My name is Nikh from Greece. I’m an amputee girl 27 y.o. I interest itself only for acquaintance with amputee friends.

  3. This is for Nikh!
    I’ll be happy to become your friend.

  4. Russian brides are good wifes, if you have found a right for your self!

  5. I can say only the best words about russian brides

  6. I hear only best words about russian desire is to marry an amputee russian tel: 0046 18 432 33 01

  7. With so many guys looking for love overseas now and so many horror stories of guys being scammed for money from either fake girls or fake dating agencies, it\’s nice to know maybe there may be light at the end of the tunnel. There are thousands of serious minded beautiful Russian women looking for marriage on the internet, but many guys are put off with all the bad press and scamming reports.But it is not all that bad, there are thousands of genuine honest girls looking for love and romance.
    To be honest the reason many guys are scammed is due to their own stupidity and being very niev, as long as you remember NO good Russian lady would ever dream of asking any guy to send you will have no problems meeting your dream Russian bride. So if it is something you have been thinking about give it a try, and remember Russian women are the most beautiful in the world. has been set up by a English guy who after allot of searching, heartache and falling for several scams finally found his love in Russia fell in love with mother Russia and moved to St Petersburg.
    Unlike most other Russian Bride sites there are no fees for opening letters or sending letters, all members have direct access to all the Russian brides in the database, personal email address and phone numbers.
    All contact is done direct by the member ,no third parties to deal with. There are thousands of Beautiful Russian brides on the site for you to contact direct by email. Russia has a new economy and has long past the Soviet union days most girls have their own computers and do not need translators. So you have no more need for those unscrupulous dating sites. There are no huge fees to pay just a small monthly subscription charge.
    So check the site out, it\’s completely free to add you profile and all members can ask for free advise on travel, accommodation ect should they plan to travel to meet a lady. Russian is a great place and probably allot of what you hear about the country is propaganda.
    So post your profile, speak to the ladies and catch the next plane to Russia.