Readers, I am confused and need your help. I stumbled across this website today, which appears to be a collection of random slices of meaningless text. A little detective work reveals that all the prose has been lifted directly from product reviews at Amazon. Fair enough, you might think, but further investigation reveals lots of similar pages, all formatted slightly differently and all, it would appear, serving no purpose whatsover. Having examined all the evidence, my question should be obvious: what the fuck is going on? Someone please tell me.


  1. Got it, what you have to do is translate the text into Hebrew and then copy all of it into a constant string of text. then apply the following rules. (thankyou michael drosnin) Take every 4th word and every 10th word. Also take every 16th letter and insert after every 16th word. Suddenly your eyes will open up to a clear message.

  2. My guess is it’s either some form of post-modern dadaist experiment.

    or someone practicing writing back-end code to parse entries from someone else’s database…

  3. Just jokeing, its been a long week!

  4. At, some of my fellow spies are on the trail of this mystery. The back-end code idea is a solid theory, though it’s a bizarre twist that ownership of this site is actually linked to Amazon.