where babies come from

On Friday I received an e-mail from someone working for Scottish Courage, one of the UK’s biggest brewers. This person had figured out that I regularly supply links to b3ta.com’s own weblog, and had forwarded a link for possible inclusion. The URL in question was for a previously unseen advert in the current series of John Smith’s bitter commercials featuring comedian Peter Kay. It’s a little more risque, shall we say, than the other ads, and I’m wondering whether it was produced specifically to work virally. I can’t imagine it being shown on TV, but it’s just the sort of thing that people forward round the office (it is funny), and a link on b3ta would be a great place to start the ball rolling. However, I’m not happy about being used as a pawn in the brewery’s marketing campaign, so I decided not to add the link to b3ta. Fight globalization, smash the state, etc. So you’ll just have to settle for blogjam, I’m afraid.


  1. You mean no huge company has tried this on with b3ta before?

  2. Glad you posted it here though ‘cos it really is very funny!

  3. James: I’m sure they have, but it’s the first time I’ve received anything via blogjam.

  4. Too late now. I saw that ad on patrick kielty the other night, ’cause he was interviewing peter kay. It is a funny ad.