wind-up wankers

I’ve added a few things to my Amazon Wishlist. As is traditional in these cases, please feel free to examine the items I’ve selected and make sweeping judgements about my personality type based on what you find. Thankyou.


  1. you’re into uniforms….

  2. You have some problems…. I knew it… but I was trying to help you solving them… but now it’s too late…

    I’ll buy you Vicky Vibes.



  3. for god’ sake get a girlfriend soon…nice of Claudia to offer to help you out though

  4. during my holiday i saw a bbc-show, where they helped a girl to have more dates. they gave her some psychological advise, some new clothes and a new hairdo (!)… and helped her through a blind date. Don’t remember the name of the show….but could someone please consider sending fraser to that show?

    these wind-up guys really make me worry.

  5. Thanks for your concern, Charlotte. I’m not yet desperate enough to consider the TV option, but I do probably need a hair-cut.