godzilla meet nunzilla

Every so often the Internet gets itself in a right old state. This week’s point of contention is the cease and desist letter sent to Davezilla from the Toho Corporation, the people who control the copyright of the mighty Godzilla. Making Dave the first stop, no doubt, in the long trek towards suing the other 1330 sites with ‘zilla’ as part of their domain, the company are in for a fierce battle, one I am now prepared to enter. My loins are girded (what does that mean?), my armies are on standby, and my secret weapon is about to be unleashed. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the ultimate fighting machine: Nunzilla.


  1. So much more effective than kittens :)

  2. The girding of loins comes from the fact that the word “girlde” used to refer to a piece of armor worn in to combat to protect the groin. Precisely how it came to mean something sold by mysoginistic fashionistas to make women feel they are fat, I shall never know.

  3. …and you know, that post would have been SO much more effective had I spelled “girdle” correctly…

  4. Still appreciated. They say you should try and learn somethging new every day, and while I don’t think I’ll ever reach those sort of lofty heights, that’ll be my piece of knowledge for August. Thanks.