Welcome to America. It smells of donuts.

After a typically festive meal of Microwaved Pizza courtesy of American Airlines, I find myself in Miami Airport with eight hours to kill. After willfully wasting some time by deliberately filling in the wrong immigration form, knowing full-well I’d be sent to the back of the queue to start again, I’ve enjoyed the native version of haute cuisine, a cinabon (kind of an outsize Danish pastry covered in a litre of vanilla custard) and a caramel latte with whipped cream and toffee sauce. I’ve now settled in for the duration with a copy of the Miami Herald (lead story: Santa addresses the troops) with a much better understanding of why America has such a problem with obesity.

Strangely, I can’t view the blogjam homepage as it has not passed the local ISP?s “content filter”. As I said, wecome to America.


  1. Hey Fraser, why Chile?

    Scayduck and his clan have done a runner, if you see them over there contact the local police.

    Have a great time.

  2. how insulting to us americans! being represented by cinnabon…

    if you knew anything about us, you’d know cinnabon is so 1980’s. it’s all about the krispy kreme’s these days. unfortunately, everything else you said is spot on tho…

    i hope you didn’t have to watch any nascar or wwf during your stay in miami. :)