Just in case anyone was worried (unlikely, I realize), I?ve arrived safely in Chile. No llamas as yet, but will continue to keep eyes peeled.


  1. I’ve been unable to eat – with all the worry!

    Thought the Scaryduck gang had kidnapped you.

  2. of course I was worried ;-)
    why chile?
    why has this fraser guy so much money?
    why is he looking for llamas, thought he is a penguin man?

    have a good time and come back safely. bring me a gift.


  3. Gift?? Do slaves get gifts? American slaves who are prone to obesity due to cinabons need gifts too! Be safe.

  4. Fraser won’t be lonely. There’s lots of Magellanic, Southern Rockhopper and Macaroni Penguins in Chile.

    Llamas have a reputation as the sluts of the the Ameriicas.
    Hope he doesn’t fall for those “come to bed” eyes!

  5. o penguinista,
    I’m sure, fraser doesn’t want a llama to do THIS .
    he just want to shear it and knit a pullover for his lovely london-penguin.

  6. Llama are renowned practitioners in the art of seducing the lonely traveller.

    A night of Pushmi-Pullyu passion has waylaid many a man – even a man of Fraser’s calibre.

    Jump or jumper. What do you think?

  7. “Trip to Chile”? Hmm.. or is this merely an elaborate, attention-seeking invention. A bit like that Donald Crowhurst bloke who fibbed his way “round the world” on a yacht in the 70’s. Or the so-called “Apollo moon landing”.

    We want proof!

  8. There’s “proof” of the moon landings but we still don’t believe.
    What we need is penguins (and maybe llamae).

  9. ***improve your english with fraser***

    I know llamas live in the zoo and love to spit.

    the llamae in this comment box seem to be somewhat different. how can a four legged hairy being seduce fraser?

    (do I really want to know….?)

    please, help a german native ;-) to understand

  10. Fraser – sort out that Pinochet geezer while you’re out there. It is your patriotic duty to tickle him up the arse with a wet fish.

  11. Charlotte, you are partially correct. While male llamas do love to spit, the female of the species invariably love to swallow.

    Also, llama in the wild behave very differently to those kept in German zoos – where bromide is put in their food.

    I think Fraser is in for a hard time.

    Hope this helps.


  12. Jeez. I turn my back for five minutes, and all hell breaks loose. People, behave yourselves – try and act with at least a modicum of decency.

  13. good to hear you are still alive.

    well, we here in germany say:
    when the cat is gone, the mice are dancing on the table.

    let’s dance, fellas!

  14. Oh dear!

    Naughty Charlotte, now look what you’ve gone and done.

    When Fraser gets back he”ll put you over his knee and spank your bottom.

  15. what I have done?
    you must be kiddin’, penguin man!

    fraser knows who first introduced llamas as “sluts of the americas”, “seducing the lonely traveller”.

    time to put you on a bromide diet, anarchi….eehm…penguinista.

    take off your tails, it’s spanking time!

  16. Charlotte – Tell-Tales make the little baby Jesus cry!

    I am sure Fraser will take no pleasure undertaking your chastisement, so don’t squeal like a piglet.

    Scaryduck – I agree wholheartedly with your sentiments. However, what has the blameless fish done to warrant such maltreatment?

  17. I like my penguin shaken not stirred

  18. Hmmm. Charlotte, in my experience you would be better starting off with a llama.

    See how that goes. Then maybe, try a Chinstrap.

    Be warned though, penguins can be quite a handful. :)

  19. I think this penguin here is funny stuff.