48 hours

So. 48 hours in Chile and what have I learnt?

  • Everything comes with guacamole.
  • Drunk driving is not merely tolerated, but appears to be actively encouraged.
  • People here take security very seriously. All the houses are behind huge iron gates and walls, everything is alarmed to the max, and the house where I am staying is patrolled by an evil looking (and enormous) rottweiller. The dog is actually quite sweet, but he is a fearsome looking beast.
  • Last night I attended a BBQ featuring a vast array of delicious meats and got quietly drunk on the local poison, Piscola. This drink is an evil combination of Pisco and Coca-Cola, and comes highly recommended – by whom, I?m not exactly sure, but nonetheless it?s been very effective. Come to think of it, I dranks lots of it the previous evening too, so it must be OK.

    Not sure when I?ll been online next, so in the mean time you can try and imagine what it?ll be like to spend New Years Eve in a place like this. Jealous yet?


    1. Sounds like you’re having great time.

      Valparaiso certainly looks nice place to see in the New Year.

      We still don’t know why you’ve gone to Chile in the first place.

      Have you got friends or relatives living there?

    2. He’s there to trace the antecendants of his adopted penguin, is he not?

    3. well, fraser, valparaiso really looks great. hope you have a great time. what’s planned for New Years Eve?

      we “back home” try to deal with penguinista, the man with the different names. I’ll mix him a bromid-ola… ;-)

    4. What about the penguins?

      Don’t you know there’s a war on?

    5. My informant tells me that the penguins are keeping a low profile whilst re-arming for the final push. Mum’s the word!

    6. These comments keep me chronically amused.

    7. Oh Charlotte, how can you be so cruel – wanting to give a little penguin your horrible bromid-ola?

      Playing in the snow with the lady penguins is all there is for me to do down here.

    8. dear fraser, yesterday I saw a film on german telly about chile. really beautiful. they showed a desert area with a lot of perfectly rounded stones and pebbles. they claim that nobody knows their origin.

      could you please check that out for us?

    9. Perfectly rounded pebbles?!

      I thought they were just another urban myth.

      Hope they let Fraser see them.