questions, questions

Right. I feel an explanation is due, if only to stop all the speculation currently rife in my comments section. Why am I in Chile? I?m on holiday, staying with my good friend Andres. Has this trip got anything to do with penguins? Yes, of course. I?ll be visiting a Colonia de Ping?inos (as it?s known locally) on January 10th, while I?m travelling in the Torres Del Paine National Park. Before then it?s a long drive North to the Atacama Desert, where we?ll be camping out under the World?s clearest skies and sharing Peyote with local Indians (OK, I made the last part up. Maybe).

Happy New Year, one and all.


  1. kiss andres for me under the mistletoe or the penguin algae if there is no mistletoe, happy new year fraser!!!!!!

  2. The Chilean section of Real Penguin Army looks forward to seeing you Fraser.

    Please bring some small fish for our penglings. They just never stop eating and it is very tiring finding them food.

    Happy New Year – Fraser, Posters, Readers.

  3. happy new year to fraser and everyone here at blogjam


  4. Can I just be fourth to wish Fraser, Andres, all the other Blogjam readers, the llamae and of course the loverly penguins a happy noo year.

  5. happy new year fraser! and to all who read this, of course.

  6. oh, and a question: what do they taste like? the penguins, i mean. i hear they taste like chicken. could you verify that for me please?

  7. But isn’t everything that no ones tasted before always described as ‘tasting a bit like chicken?’ I think so. Bet Llamas do too…
    happy new year Fraser and everyone else!

  8. Looks like everyone but me is enthusiastly going to Southern South America these days. Is there a hidden meaning to this fact? Such as, say, “Life in Western Europe sucks”? Who knows. Maybe if I started a blog I would be enlightened.

  9. This tasting like chicken thing….

    A big problem for me as I always hated chicken so never taste anything new.