back again (again)

Once again I find myself back in Santiago, having just returned from Torres Del Paine National Park in the South of the country. The last couple of nights I treated myself to some unaccustomed luxury, but one again you’ll have to wait to hear the full details. As a teaser, I can tell you that I met the former head of the Chilean boy scout movement, and discovered a new kind of ostrich.


  1. Were penguins involved by any chance?

  2. Hmmm, intelligence gathering are we, Scaryduck?

  3. I am truly envious. And oh, how I wish I could participate in the penguin talk. Alas, there are no penguins in Utah.

  4. Miel, if penguins could fly I am sure some of us would make our homes in Utah.

    Perhaps you could be an honorary penguin from Utah?


  5. Come on then you flightless jessies!


  6. Brilliiant stuff…, MEP.

    I am sooo jealous. I want a balloon.


  7. The Real Penguin Army – Victory at the Battle Krill Bay (2001)

  8. Just checking my list of rare and/or ususual creatures, that I have not eaten, penguins, there must be good eating on a penguin.

  9. Yorkies – the sweets your little penguins can eat between meals, without losing their appetite!


  10. Puh puh puh pick up a penguin, they’re a little fatty, older ones (such as Penguinista) would be stringy, and no matter how you cook them, they still taste faintly of herring.

  11. Your mates reckon you only like man meat
    and say you’ve have never even sniffed
    fishy bird flesh, let alone tasted it!

  12. And last time you got it on with your girlfriend did she not say it was like pushing Eccles Cakes into slot machines?

  13. It’s hard to tell what she says when she’s got her mouth full.
    Though it sounds more like, “m-mm-s-a-a-l-a-m-m-m-i.”

  14. Yeah, all the boys say that’s just what she sounds like

  15. Your boys and their whispered pillow talk, eh.
    I bet you even believe them when they say how
    much they love you.

    Still, it’s good of you to help with paying their rent.

  16. Anyway, you misheard the salami comment, she actually said p-e-p-e-r-a-m-i

  17. Err no, I ‘ve asked her what actually said, here it is.
    “Mmmm, salami. This is more like it. I’m glad you aren’t
    one of those Tykes with a pepperami in their pants and
    a predilection for trannies.”