my last night

It’s my last night in Santiago, and as I write people are gathering to mark the occasion – many of the folks I’ve met over the last few weeks are showing their faces, and it all looks set to be quite a send-off. We’ve purchased 6 kilos of prime Chilean steak, the bottles of Pisco are cooling in the fridge, and the BBQ pit is being readied. Sadly, however, I’m not there. Confirming my flight details yesterday I noticed that I wasn’t flying home on Saturday as previously thought, but tonight – now, in fact. I’m currently in the departure lounge at Santiago airport awaiting an overnight flight to Dallas while my new friends are digging into a feast fit for.. well, me. Bon bloody Appetit.


  1. I bet Fraser will be surprised when he finds his comments section has been hijacked by flightless pie fillers!

  2. Oh no! Thats really sad. Well, at least you know people wanted to give you a send off and stuff… and y’know – we’ll be glad to have you back :)
    (if nothing else to stop me being jealous of you travelling and having fun as I stare at the 4 walls of the office).

  3. thats a pity. but I’m sure you will come back to chile. looking forward to your pictures and stories.
    we will be glad to have you back. you can take care of these birds in your commentbox. in the beginning it was funny, but now that the first penguin splits up in multiple personalities discussing with each “other”…
    well penguins, wait ’til daddy fraser is back home!

  4. Charlotte is *a* goody-two-shoes.

    Have you put an apple on Fraser’s desk?


  5. Hey, MEP, you were the “first” penguin.
    I hadn’t realised you’d got more than one
    personality. REVEAL YOURSELVES!