1. Let’ have a war with an oil-rich country to
    take our minds off the economy?

    Vote Now.



    Don’t No.

  2. “Don’t know”.

    You bugger Fraser, I’m going to listen to some Joy Division to cheer myself up.

  3. You know, Scary, at least you can rectify howlers like that of yours
    today – “horribble, horible deaths.” – that stinker of mine, is there
    to be Googled for eternity. :(

  4. That is the corect speling, as any fule kno.

    Oh, and thanks P.

  5. Man, I can’t listen to Joy Division without thinking about terrible ways to die. *Takes Scary’s temperature*

  6. What’s even scarier is that i woke up with that song in my head this morning…

    …without prompting from Blogjam.

    Yeah. I’m frightened.

  7. it’s the end of the world as we know and i feel fine. :)

  8. Who is using my name in vain?

    He doesn’t even look like a penguin, and what’s this obsession with nailing me to a cross anyway?

  9. Friend is rare do you know what I am saying to you, friendship is rare. Oh shit theres a bear, now your life is in great danger and you dont even care, its rare to me, with me and tenacious d dun dun dun