me & mj

This impulse purchasing thing is going to get me in trouble one day, I swear.

I’ve always been a basketball fan, and I’ve always wanted to see the great Michael Jordan play ball. This year is his last year in the game, but the Washington Wizards don’t pass through London very often, so it’s a little unlikely I’ll ever achieve that ambition. Except that I’ve just purchased a ticket to see the team play against his old side, The Chicago Bulls, at the beginning of March. And I’ve just bought a plane ticket to get me there and back. I really can’t afford it, but I’m not going to get the chance again.

Can anyone recommend somewhere nice and cheap to stay for a night while I’m in DC?

And Michael, if those creaky knees of yours don’t hold out, and you’re injured for this game, you’ll being hearing from my lawyer. Except that I don’t have a lawyer. Damn.


  1. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Just ask for Monica.

  2. I think you two should kiss and make up.

  3. I’ll give that blummin’ duck one in the kisser alright, Fraser!

  4. “you TWO should kiss…”

    scary can kiss the mirror, thats the only way to kiss penguinista.

  5. Charlotte’s still as confused as ever…, poor Charlotte!

    By the way, do you get “Roobarb and Custard” over there?

  6. You’re still convinced they’re one person Charlotte? Well, my IP logs show that Penguinista is posting from Vienna, Virginia, USA, while Scary appears to be located somwewhere near Tadworth in Surrey, UK. You, on the other hand, are in Mannheim, Germany. Alternatively however, Penguinista’s address seems to be in an AOL owned range of IPs, and AOL users connect through a proxy server, I believe, so geographical pin-pointing may not be reliable in this case. On the other hand, I have no idea what I’m talking about.

    But…I haven’t noticed Penguinista posting comments on Scaryduck’s site, which is a litttle odd, and if he is based in the USA he has a highly unusual sleeping pattern. One fairly similar to Scaryduck, I might venture. Hmmm.

  7. Penguinista *does* post on my site, but rarely. I just get abusive e-mails instead through hushmail. I actually post from Reading, but the server’s somewhere in Surrey. I also post from Weymouth in Dorset, where I am on freeserve. I wouldn’t touch Arseholes OnLine with a shitty stick. But I am NOT repeat NOT Penguinista, and I still have no idea who he/she is.

    That is all. I love you Penguinista. Really.

  8. Scaryduck, I believe you. Penguinista, I think it’s time you revealed yourself.

  9. My god, Scaryduck, is someone sending
    you abusive e-mails from my addy?
    This is strange ‘cos someone keeps sending
    me abusive e-mails from your addy.

    I wonder if spooks are spoofing the headers?

    You know the FBI headquarters are next
    door to the AOL server rooms, don’t you
    Fraser. And that Freeserve is now owned
    by the Frog company Wanadoon’t – a firm
    I wouldn’t touch with Scary’s dirty beak –
    who are closely associated with the French
    intelligence services?

    Anyhow I am posting this from Dresden
    (141.7*.*.***) Mannheim’s dead on a

    But I am NOT repeat NOT Scaryduck,
    and I still have no idea who she is.

    That is all. I love you Scaryduck. Really.

  10. Penguinista does now appear to be posting from Dresden, from an IP address at the University Of Technology. Gets around, doesn’t he? I am now scared.

  11. Don’t be scared Fraser, it’s the duck that needs to be scared.
    There’s a large pike and it’s got Scary’s name on it! :)

    Ha ha ha. Better go change your undies, my little
    Scary duck!

  12. well, fraser, now you see what I was going through while you’ve been to chile.

    scary seems to forward his mails through the whole world.

    btw, mannheim is not dead on weekends. all the 300.000 inhabitants are unconsciously waiting for monday.

    drop by if you’re in the south of germany.

  13. Thankyou for your kind offer Charlotte.
    Sadly I will be unable to journey to lovely
    southern part of Germany this weekend.

    If I am in the Mannheim area at a future
    date I’d be delighted to drop by. Maybe, even,
    if time allowed, to visit the Landesmuseum.

  14. haha the stuff ^ there is haha. WOW I live in D.c. Hmm cheap places to stay there…… Um holiday inn? There’s tons of hotels but it helps to stay as far away from the capitol as you can, cauz rates get mucho cheaper

  15. eeeeeerie. penguinista knows our museum, which is not far away from my house. it has a cafeteria, penguinista, and I will surely recognise your bowtie. on the other side of the street, we have a big park. some of your brothers and sisters “humboldt” live there

    btw, long time no mail from hushmail for me. bloodstained mails he used to send… would it be SAFE to meet him, what do you guys think.

    fraser, have you ever been to germany?

  16. Not properly. I flew to Berlin once and then drove through the country to the Czech Republic. Does that count?

  17. Once again, I must say that Frasers comment section keeps me amused to the point of delerium.

  18. well fraser, that doesn’t really count. visit our country, it’s beautiful. and the aborigines here sometimes are very friendly. and they don’t wear this black uniforms anymore.

    miel, sorry . we bore you to death. may be penguinista should provide you with his elaborate hush-mails.

  19. Sounds like you’re all good friends to me… why is it wherever New Zealanders are you can’t escape the Australians… hell it even happens at Bondi Beach in Sydney occassionally! The nerve of them Ozzies…